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Gujarat University Time Table

The University of Gujarat has posted the time table for the candidates who are going to appear the examination for various UG and PG courses and for other programmes.
The aspirants must have to download the Date sheet before the examination so that they can know the exact date and time of the examination for each subjects.

The Date sheet can be downloaded in PDF Format by the candidates by visiting the official website. The candidates can also check the date sheet from this page. Here the candidates will get all the details about the Date sheet.

Gujarat University Time Table:

Programme of the M. Lib. Inf. Sci. (Integrated) Semester IV Examinations:
Timing 2:00pm to 5:00 pm
Date of examination
15th May
Communication & Technical Writing skills
16th May
Networks and Internet : Theory
18th May
Professional Ethics and Legal Issues
19th May
Information Processing : Theory
20th May
Digital Information Management Theory

Programme of the M. Lib. Inf. Sci. (Integrated) Semester II Examinations
Timing 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Date of examination
15th May
Management of Library and Information Centre : I
16th May
Library Management Software : Theory
18th May
Research Methodology
19th May
Reference and Information Sources : Theory

Programme of Post-Graduate Diploma in Special Education (M.R.) Examination
Timing 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Date of examination
15th May
Nature & Needs of Various Disabilities-An Introduction
16th May
Education in Emerging Indian Society
18th May
Educational Psychology & Persons with Disabilities
19th May
Educational Management, Curriculum Designing & Research
20th May
Identifications and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Persons
21st May
Mental Retardation its Multidisciplinary Aspects
22nd May
Curriculum and Teaching Strategies

Programme of the M.Sc. Semester-II Examination
Timing 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Date of examination
8th May
Physics ( Quantum Mechanics – II & Mathematical Physics – II )
Chemistry ( Inorganic Chemistry )
Botany ( Cytology, Anatomy and Techniques )
Zoology ( Genetics )
Geology (Crystallography)
Microbiology ( Immunology )
Mathematics ( Differential Geometry – I )
Statistics ( Reliability and Life Testing and Bayes Estimation )
Life Sciences ( Principles of Plant Sciences)
Environmental Science [ Environmental Chemistry (Basic)]
Bio-Chemistry ( Plant Biochemistry)
Bio-Medical Technology (Clinical Biochemistry & Serology-II)
Bio-Technology ( Biochemical Engineering and Bioinformatics )
Bio-Technology (Integrated) (Biostatistics & Bioinformatics)
Human Genetics (Molecular Biology)
Bio-Informatics (Cytology)
Electronics Sciences ( Microwaves-I and Instrumentation-I )
Food Sciences & Nutrition ( Nutrition and Fitness )
Climate Change (Effects of Climate Change)
Forensic Science
CB : Cytogenetic-II
CHEP : Polymer Structure Properties & Relationship
11th May
Physics ( Classical Mechanics – II, Electrodynamics and Plasma Physics )
Chemistry ( Organic Chemistry )
Botany ( Plant Physiology )
Zoology ( Radiation Biology and Bio-Statistics )
Geology (Stratigraphy and Micro paleontology)
Microbiology ( Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering )
Mathematics ( Algebra-I )
Statistics ( Distribution Theory )
Life Sciences ( Mammalian Physiology )
Environmental Science ( Environmental Health & Safety )
Bio-Chemistry ( Nutritional Biochemistry)
Bio-Medical Technology ( Toxicology)
Bio-Technology ( Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering )
Bio-Technology (Integrated) (Genetics Engineering)
Human Genetics ( Bioinformatics & Biostatistics)
Bio-informatics ( Algorithms and Data Structure)
Electronics Sciences ( Microprocessor-II and Programming in C Language )
Food Sciences & Nutrition ( Nutritional Physiology )
Climate Change ( Tools and Techniques for impacts Assessment)
Forensic Science-MSMAP 202 : Mobile Value Added Services
CB – Cellular and Molecular Basis of Cancer-II
CHEP :Molecular Motion in Polymers
13th May
Physics (Solid State Properties and Physics of Semiconductor )
Chemistry ( Physical Chemistry )
Botany ( Plant Breeding, Horticulture and Evolution )
Zoology ( Immunology and Toxicology )
Geology (Indian Stratigraphy)
Microbiology ( Bioprocess and Biochemical Engineering )
Mathematics ( Complex Analysis-II )
Statistics ( Mathematical Programming )
Life Sciences ( Ethology and Evolution )
Environmental Science ( Aquatic Environmental Chemistry )
Bio Chemistry ( Advanced Enzymology)
Bio-Medical Technology ( Clinical Pathology)
Bio-Technology ( Bioprocess Technology )
Bio-Technology (Integrated) (Animal Biotechnology)
Human Genetics (Immunotechnology)
Bio-informatics ( Database Management System (DBMS)
Electronics Sciences (Microcontroller-I, Power & Indu. Electronics – I )
Food Sciences & Nutrition ( Food Production, Development & Marketing )
Climate Change (Policy and Legislations National and International Scenarios)
Forensic Science MSMAP 203 : Mobile Ecosystem & Business Models
CB – Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
CHEP : Analysis and Characterization of Polymers
15th May
Physics ( Remote Sensing and Electronics-II )
Chemistry ( Analytical Chemistry )
Botany ( Plant Ecology )
Zoology ( Animal Behaviour and Evolutionary Biology )
Geology (Remote Sensing, GIS, Geomorphology)
Microbiology ( Microbial Technology-I )
Mathematics ( Partial Differential Equation )
Statistics ( Computer Programming )
Life Sciences ( Food Sciences and Food Microbiology )
Environmental Science ( Soil : Chemistry and Analysis )
Biochemistry ( Human Physiology)
Bio-Medical Technology (Gen. Microbiology)
Bio-Technology ( Microbial Technology )
Human Genetics (Genetic Counseling & Management)
Bio-informatics (Java and Advanced Java )
Electronics Sciences ( Optoelectronics and Digital Signal Processing – I )
Food Sciences & Nutrition ( Food Microbiology and Preservation )
Climate Change (Future Climate Scenarios)
Forensic Science MSMAP 204 : Basic phone Application Development
CB – Basic Immunology
CHEP : Inorganic And Organometalic Polymers
18th May
Mathematics ( Real Analysis )
CHEP : Latex and Foam Technology

Note: The aspirants must have to visit the officiallink and click the time table link for more details.

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