Nov 18, 2015

How to Get Subsidy on LPG GAS for All Connections

How to Get Subsidy on LPG GAS for All Connections

Here, the Indian citizens are informed that the Indian Government has announced the Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) Scheme through which the consumer can get the LPG Subsidy easily.

According to this DBTL Scheme the consumer has to buy the LPG Gas Cylinder at the market price and the amount of the subsidy for the LPG Gas will be credited to their bank account.

To get the benefit of this subsidy the consumer needs to connect their bank account and Aadhar Card to their LPG Gas connection. It is very essential to get linked these documents with the bank account.
Here the consumer will get the steps to link their bank account with the LPG gas connection in order to get the benefit of the subsidy for the LPG gas.

Steps to get linked bank account with the LPG gas connection:

First of all, open the website https://rasf.uidai.gov.in/seeding/User/ResidentSplash.aspx

Step 1: Link Bank Account to get LPG Subsidy:

In this section state and district from dropdown needs to be selected
·         Select your state

·         Select your district
       How to register on digital locker: Get Details

Step 2: Link Bank Account with LPG  Choose Benefit Type

In this box select the type of benefit as LPG (which is the only option).

In second box under the name of scheme three oil companies’ names are given.

·         BPCL
·         HPCL
·         IOCL

Choose your LPG service providers name.

Select the name of your LPG distributor from dropdown list in third box.

Put the Consumer Number as provided by the LPG distributor.

Step 3: Link Bank Account with LPG: Enter your details

Here the consumer needs to enter your details same as provided at the time of Adhaar registration:

·         Enter your email id- OTP will be sent to this email id.

·         Enter your mobile number – OTP will be sent to this mobile number.

·         Enter your Aadhar number.

·         You will receive the four digit numeric OTP (One Time Password) on your registered email id and mobile number.

Step 4:
Now enter this OTP in the OTP box and put alphanumeric combination shown in the picture called “CAPTCHA” in the blank box.

Step 5:
At last, click on Submit button and the process is complete now.

After the verification the consumer will be able to get subsidy amount in your account directly when the Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) Scheme comes into operation in your area.


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