Feb 27, 2018

MJP Rohilkhand University Date Sheet 2018 BCom/BSC/MSC (UG/PG) Time Table

MJP Rohilkhand University Date Sheet  
MJP Rohilkhand University Date Sheet is available here to download in the form of PDF. All those who will appear in an exam they are advised that they can download B.Com/BSC/MSC (UG/PG) Time Table either by following steps or through direct link equipped below. Official Site of MJP Rohilkhand University is mjpru.ac.in.

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Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University Bareilly has released MJP Rohilkhand University Date Sheet for BA/ B.Com/ B.Sc students. You can start your exam preparation through MJP Rohilkhand University exam schedule to get good marks in the university exam. All Private and Regular students can download their MJPRU Exam Scheme

Mahatma Jyotiba Rao Phule Rohilkhand University UG Exam Scheme 2018 Details
University Name  Mahatma Jyotiba Rao Phule Rohilkhand University
Exam Name  BCom/BSC/MSC (UG/PG)
UG Exam Starts From  5th March 2018
End of exam  2nd May 2018
MJPRU Exam Scheme Release Date  8th Jan 2018
Official Site mjpru.ac.in
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MJPRU B.A B.SC B .Com Exam Time Table  
Day & Date Time 7 am to 10 am Time 11 am to 2 pm Time 3 pm to 6 pm
5th March, 2018 Monday B.Com. I Gr. A – I
B.A. I Arabic I
B.A. I Persian I
B.Sc. I Chemistry – I
B.Com. II Gr. A – I
B.A. II Arabic I
B.A. II Persian I
B.A. II Foreign Trade I B.A. II Fashion Designing I
B.A. II Functional Hindi B.A./B.Sc. II Defense Studies I
B.Com. III Gr. A I B.A. III Arabic I B.A. III Persian I B.Sc. III Chemistry – I
6th March, 2018
B.A. I Urdu I
B.A. I Sanskrit I
B.A./B.Sc. I Defense Studies I
B.Sc. II Chemistry – I B.A. II Urdu I
B.A. II Sanskrit I
B.A. III Urdu I
B.A. III Sanskrit I
07th, 2018 Wednesday B.Com. I Gr. A – II
B.A. I Arabic II
B.A. I Persian II
B.Sc. I Chemistry – II
B.Com. II Gr. A – II
B.A. II Arabic II
B.A. II Persian II
B.A. II Foreign Trade – II B.A. II Fashion Designing II
B.A./B.Sc. II Defense Studies II
B.Com. III Gr. A II
B.Sc. III Chemistry – II B.A. III Arabic II
B.A. III Persian II
08-03-2018 Thursday B.A. I Urdu II
B.A. I Sanskrit II
B.A./B.Sc. I Defense Studies II
B.Sc. II Chemistry – II B.A. II Urdu II
B.A. II Sanskrit II
B.A. III Urdu II B.A. III Sanskrit II
09-03-2018 Friday B.Com. I Gr. B – I
B.Sc. I Chemistry – III
B.A. I Functional Hindi
B.Com. III Gr. B – I
10-03-2018 Saturday B.A. I Education – I
B.A. I Psychology – I
B.A. I Philosophy – I
B.Sc. II Chemistry – III B.Com. II Gr. B – I
B.A. II Home Science I
B.Sc. III Chemistry – III B.A. III History I
12-03-2018 Monday B.Com. I Gr. B – II
B.A. I Home Science – I
B.Sc. I Sports & physical Education
B.Com. II Gr. B – II B.A./B.Sc. II Geography I B.Com. III Gr. B – II
B.A. III Home Science I B.Sc. III Zoology I
B.Sc. III Physics I
13-03-2018 Tuesday B.A. I Education – II
B.A I Psychology – II
B.A. I Philosophy – II
B.Sc. II Zoology I
B.Sc. II Physics I
B.A.II Environment
B.A. III History II
14-03-2018 Wednesday B.Sc. I Zoology I
B.Sc. I Physics I
B.Com. I Gr. C – I
B.A. I Home Science – II
B.A./B.Sc. II Geography II
B.Com. II Gr. C – I
B.Com. III Gr. C,D,E,F – I B.A. III Home Science II B.Sc. III Zoology II
B.Sc. III Physics II
16-03-2018 Friday B.Com. I Gr. C – II
B.Sc. I Zoology II
B.Sc. I Physics II
B.A. I Environment
B.Sc. III Zoology III
B.Sc. III Physics III B.Com. III Gr. C,D,E,F – II B.A. III History III
17-03-2018 Saturday B.A. I Sociology I B.Sc. II Zoology III
B.Sc. II Physics III B.Com. II Gr. C – II
B.A. II Sports & physical Education
B.A. III Drawing & Painting
B.Sc. III Botany I B.A./B.Sc. III Mathematics II
19-03-2018 Monday B.A. I Drawing & Painting
B.Sc. I Zoology III
B.Sc. I Physics III
B.A./B.Com. I Gr. G, H – I (Advertising & Sales Management/ Office Management & Secretarial Practice)
B.Com. II Gr. C – III
B.A. II Drawing & Painting B.Sc. II Sports & physical Education
B.A. III Persian III B.A./B.Sc. III Defense Studies I
B.Com. III Sports & physical Education
20-03-2018 Tuesday B.Sc. I Botany I
B.A./B.Sc. I Mathematics I B.Com. I Gr. G , H– II (Advert & Sales Mgmt)
B.Sc. II Botany I
B.A./B.Sc. II Mathematics I
B.Com. II Environment
B.A. III Philosophy – I B.Sc. III Sports & physical Education
B.A./B.Com. III Gr. G, H – I (Advertising & Sales Management/Office Management & Secretarial Practice)
22-03-2018 Thursday B.A. I Sociology II B.Sc. II Botany II B.A./B.Sc. II Mathematics II
B.Com. II Sports & physical Education
B.Sc. III Botany II
B.Com. III Environment B.A./B.Sc. III Mathematics III (calculator Allowed)
23-03-2018 Friday B.Sc. I Botany II
B.Com. I Environment B.A./B.Sc. I Mathematics II
B.A. III Sociology I
B.Sc. III Botany III
24-03-2018 Saturday B.A./B.Sc. I Economics I B.A.II Political Science I B.A./B.Com. II Gr. G, H – I (Advertising & Sales Management/ Office Management & Secretarial Practice) B.A. III Sociology II B.A./B.Sc. III Defense Studies II
B.A./B.Com. III Gr. G, H – II (Advert & Sales Mgmt /Office Mgmt & Secretarial Practice )
26-03-2018 Monday B.A./B.Sc. I Mathematics III B.Sc. I Botany III B.Sc. II Botany III B.A./B.Sc. II Mathematics III B.A. III Hindi Lit.- I
27-03-2018 Tuesday B.A. I Hindi Lit. – I B.A.II Political Science II B.A./B.Com. II Gr. G, H – II (Advertising and Sales Management/ Office Management & Secretarial Practice) B.A. III Political Science I B.Sc. III Environment
28-03-2018 Wednesday B.A./B.Sc. I Economics II B.A. II Sociology I B.A. III English Lit.- I
03-04-2018 Tuesday B.A. I Hindi Lit. – II B.A. II English Lit. – I B.A. III Political Science II
04-04-2018 Wednesday B.A./B.Sc. I Geography I B.A. II Sociology II B.A. III Hindi Lit. – II
05-04-2018 Thursday B.Sc. I Biotechnology I
B.Sc. I Environmental Science I B.A./B.Sc. I Computer Application I
B.Sc. I Industrial Chemistry I B.Sc. I Microbiology I B.A./B.Sc. I Statistics I
B.A. I Music
B.A. I Choreography
B.A. II English Lit. – II B.A. III English Lit. – II
06-04-2018 Friday B.A./B.Sc. I Geography II B.Sc. III Biotechnology I B.Sc. III Environmental Science I
B.A./B.Sc. III Computer Application I
B.Sc. III Industrial Chemistry I
B.Sc. III Microbiology I B.A./B.Sc. III Statistics I B.A. III Music I
B.A. III Choreography
07-04-2018 Saturday B.A. I Gen. Hindi – I B.A. II Gen. English – I B.A. III English Lit. – III
09-04-2018 Monday B.A. I Gen. English – I B.A. II Gen. Hindi – I
B.Sc. II Environment
B.A. III Sociology III
10-04-2018 Tuesday B.Sc. I Biotechnology II
B.Sc. I Environmental Science II
B.A./B.Sc. I Computer Application II
B.Sc. I Industrial Chemistry II B.Sc. I Microbiology II B.A./B.Sc. I Statistics II
B.A. II Gen. English – II B.A. III Hindi Lit. – III
11-04-2018 Wednesday B.A. I Gen. English – II B.Sc. II Biotechnology I B.Sc. II Environmental Science I
B.A./B.Sc. II Computer Application I
B.Sc. II Industrial Chemistry I
B.Sc. II Microbiology I B.A./B.Sc. II Statistics I B.A. II Music
B.A. II Choreography
B.A. III Political Science III
12-04-2018 Thursday B.Sc. I Biotechnology III
B.Sc. I Environmental Science III
B.A./B.Sc. I Computer Application III
B.Sc. I Industrial Chemistry III B.Sc. I Microbiology III
B.Sc. I Statistics III
B.A. I Foreign Trade I
B.A. I Fashion Designing I
B.A./B.Sc. II Economics I B.A./B.Sc. III Mathematics IV
13-04-2018 Friday B.A. I Gen. Hindi – II B.Sc. III Biotechnology II B.Sc. III Environmental Science II
B.A./B.Sc. III Computer Application II
B.Sc. III Industrial Chemistry II
B.Sc. III Microbiology II B.A./B.Sc. III Statistics II B.A. III Music II
16-04-2018 Monday B.A.I Political Science I B.A. II Gen. Hindi – II B.Sc. III Environmental Science III
B.Sc. III Bio-Technology III
B.Sc. III Industrial Chemistry III
B.Sc. III Micro Biology III
17-04-2018 Tuesday B.A. I History I B.Sc. II Biotechnology – II B.Sc. II Environmental Science – II
B.A./B.Sc. II Computer Application – II
B.Sc. II Industrial Chemistry – II
B.Sc. II Microbiology – II B.A./B.Sc. II Statistics – II
B.A./B.Sc. III Geography I B.A./B.Sc. III Statistics III
19-04-2018 Thursday B.A.I Political Science II
B.Sc. I Environment
B.A./B.Sc. II Economics II B.A./B.Sc. III Economics I
20-04-2018 Friday B.A. I English Lit. – I B.A./B.Sc. III Geography – II
B.A. III Fashion Designing
B.A. III Foreign Trade – I
23-04-2018 Monday B.A. I History II B.Sc. II Biotechnology III B.Sc. II Environmental Science III
B.A./B.Sc. II Computer Application III
B.Sc. II Industrial Chemistry III
B.Sc. II Microbiology III B.Sc. II Statistics III
B.A./B.Sc. III Economics – II
B.A. III Functional Hindi – I
24-04-2018 Tuesday B.A. I English Lit. – II B.A. II Hindi Lit. – I B.A./B.Sc. III Geography III
B.A. III Functional Hindi II
B.A. III Foreign Trade II
25-04-2018 Wednesday B.A. I TTM II
B.A. I Foreign Trade II
B.A. I Fashion Designing II
B.A. II Hindi Lit. – II B.A. III Education I
B.A. III Philosophy – I B.A. III Psychology – I
26-04-2018 Thursday B.A. I Sports & physical Education B.A. II History I B.A. III Education II
B.A. III Philosophy – II B.A. III Psychology – II
27-04-2018 Friday B.A. II Education – I
B.A. II Philosophy – I
B.A. II Psychology – I
B.A. III Education III (Only for PVT. Students) B.A. III Psychology III (Gr. A – C)
28-04-2018 Saturday B.A. II Education – II
B.A. II Philosophy – II
B.A II Psychology – II
B.Sc. III Defense Studies III
B.A. III Environment
01-05-2018 Tuesday B.A. II History II B.A. III Sports & physical Education
02-05-2018 Wednesday B.A. II Education – III (Only for Pvt. Stu.)
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How to Download MJPRU Time Table :
  • Applicants can download MJPRU Time Table 2018 by following simple instructions tuned below
  • Visit the official site of Mahatma Jyotiba Rao Phule Rohilkhand University that is
  • On home page, search Examination Scheme 2018 link.
  • Now click on it.
  • Choose your course & stream also.
  • New page of your MJPRU Time Table will appear on your screen.
  • At the end you can save & Download it for exam preparation use.

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