Dec 7, 2017

Jio Phone - Unlimited Data & Voice Calls "Explained Free Scheme"

Jio Phone - Unlimited Data & Voice Calls

Wowwwww….. Much-awaited Jio 4G phone is all set to come..Reliance on Friday launched its much-awaited Jio 4G phone. The device is a hybrid between a feature phone and a Smartphone. Even though the device has a design and form factor similar to that of a feature phone, it has functionality that is pretty close to what a smartphone can do.

Jio phone connects to Jio's 4G network, supports VoLTE calls, comes packed with many Jio apps and even supports voice commands. Phone will be available for beta testing starting August 15, pre-booking starts from August 24, and phone will be actually available from September this year. JioPhone will efficiently be free with one a time security deposit of Rs 1,500 which will be refundable for 36 months.

Even though not all hardware details are yet known (we are still waiting for more information), some of the key specs of Jio Phone are known. The phone has a 2.4 QVGA resolution, and support for SD card inbuilt. It even has NFC! It even has a camera along with physical keyboard. Other features on board are 4 way navigation, T9 keyboard, FM Radio and a headphone jack for connectivity. 

Jio Phone Explained Free Scheme
Ambani calls the phone the world's cheapest most intelligent phone . Jio Phone, although it looks like a feature phone, appears to be running some sort of software that is based on Android. It supports 22 Indian languages, it supports voice calls, it even has Android Voice Search available with it. A user can speak to the phone and the phone responds, just like a smartphone.

At the same time, there are many Jio apps preloaded on the phone, including Jio TV. To display case the functionalities of the phone, Jio spokespersons while they were on the phase asked it to play Vande Mataram, and the phone streamed A R Rahman's Vande Mataram. The next trick was to ask the phone to play Baahubali 2 trailer and the phone brook the clip.

JioPhone comes bundled with only Rs 153 plan which will offer unlimited voice calls, data access, SMS and free access to Jio apps for one month. The company has also reveal two small-sized validity sachet packs at Rs 24 and Rs 54. The Rs 24 recharge will offer unlimited data, SMS and voice calls for 2 days while the Rs 54 sachet pack will offer the same with a weeklong validity. 

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