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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Top 10 Board Exam Revision Tips - 10 & 12 Classes {For All State Board}

     Top 10 Board Exam Revision Tips - 10 & 12 Classes {For All State Board}
Board exams are the starting footsteps for student for achieving goals. It is the most pressure full examination given by students. Board examinations are referred as public examination that occurred in 10th or 12th class. The scores that student achieved in these exams are considered very important for getting into universities or college for professional courses or training programs, and even possibly in finding employment in good companies. The grades are more important as it would decide your career as well as some future aspects also.
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These exams marks are also considered while seeking the job or searching job in a company ever in Government job also. So, students are required to gain good score so that they can pursue the good thing in the life. For gaining well grades it important to study as well as good revision. Revision is required in order to obtain good marks in these exams or any other exams.

Revision Tips
Students are required to do number of revision for exams. As revision is the most important for gaining score. All student study hard and wishes to get good marks but the student who do well organized revision secured good marks even top in the school or class. So we are going to discuss few tips for revision -:
1.       Revising early as possible
Students are suggested to complete all syllabuses on time and start the revision as early as possible. Because keep on revising thing are refreshed and you can memorizes these thing for long period of time. Student can make proper time table and study according to it. While doing it student can maintain their flow of study and help in completion of syllabus. If syllabus completed in time then student acquires lot of time for revision and have time to study new topics as well. 
2.       Make short notes
Do not spend ages in writing the notes. Write short and effective notes for revision and try to cover important topics as well. Students are advised do not spend times in just writing notes and coloring with colors, sketches etc. Just take two different color pens (blue and black) and write with it in proper manner. The must have known what to write or what to not write.These notes help in gaining more marks and assist in revising the topic as well. 
3.       Use revision guide
Try to revise with revision guides that easily available in market. Revision guides, covered selected topics or important topics which are frequently asked in exams. These guides are helpful when you covered all syllabuses and every topic touched in school.
4.       Place important notes in room
This is the common and very effective tips for revision. Make a note write it down in small piece of paper and place around the walls of room or the place you visited most in your house. This is generally done most of the students. This make you revise the things all the time when you come across to it. This is the most effective revision tip try it and sees the results.
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5.       Practices the previous paper
The student who want to score good marks in their respective exam this is the key thing should follow that is try solve previous exam paper twice or thrice in a day. As sometimes in board exams the question might come which were placed in previous year question paper. From this you come to know which type paper asked in the exam and pattern of exams.
Often some question repeated in the current which were asked in the previous exam. It may become easy to solve and acquires less time for solving it. By practicing it you may come to know various new questions and methods for solving it. Student can practices minimum 5 year previous question paper in order to know some new questions and pattern too.
6.       Find right environment for revision
Student should choose the right environment for their studies as well as revision. As environment play important role for studying as well as revising the topics. It increases your ability and skills for studying and memorizing the thing for longer period of time.
7.       Write all answers twice or thrice
The best way of revision is to write and write the answers daily. When writing the answers all error will come to know that you have made while learning and writing. The Student will understand how to write the answers and how to represent it.
8.       Draw up a timetable for your revision and stick to it
Student should make the timetable for studying and revision too. By the time table you may able to cover the entire subject within the time as well as you can complete your syllabus on time. You can do with separate color or page for each of your subjects and see clearly exactly you have to cover or what needs doing. This allows for chunk revision or a variation of topics in one day.
9.       Recall and summarize
Recalling the things or summarizing the content of topic is easier way for revising and make the things clear. This is the best for revising and come to know how to represent the your answer in front of your as well as examiner too. Making notes may also this, summarize the things in short but in effective manner so that while you are going through it refreshes all the things.
10.   Revise with other classmates.
Try to take part in a group discussion in the class or in friend circle. This makes you more confident and motivates you towards study and revision in order to make an impression and show you smartness. Student should interact with teachers also so that any wrong information learned by them. Discussion with classmates is best way for revision and help to clear the doubts as well.
These are killer tips for revision and gaining good marks in board exam. Student who studies hard need strong revision session for them. Hope you have get all information related to it.