Thursday, January 25, 2018

69th Republic Day of India - Message From SarkariNaukriCareer Team

69th Republic Day of India
Happy Republic Day Everyone!!! We are going to celebrate the 69th Republic Day on 26th of January 2018, it’s a great day and perfect time to memorize our Constitutions, our power, our scarifies for Independence for our country India. As we all know that on this day our Constitution of India was came into existence after getting the Independence from Britisher’s, who came in the year 1600 some English merchants allowed Queen Elizabeth of England to trade in India and ruled till 1947.

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Our Freedom Fighters make us free from the Britishers and made our Country Independent from the. After this, till now India has become the one the power Country in World. We have many weapons based on latest technology and 2nd largest Army in World after China. India has now become most helping Country and caries mission of spreading Peace and Harmony in the World.

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It is a matter of honor to celebrate Republic Day for people living in India as well as Indians living abroad. This day has special significance and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy by participating in many activities and people by organizing it. People often wait for this day to be part of it. Preparations for the Republic Day celebrations begin at least a month ago and during this period, people's movement on India Gate is banned for security reasons, so that any kind of criminal incidents can be stopped before it can happen. This ensures that the security of the people present there is also on that day.

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A message to young India, do not let your Country Down should do that work in which your Country name stands up everywhere. Once again we are wishing you a Happy Republic Day from the team of SarkariNaukriCareer.

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