Feb 8, 2018

Top 20 Historical Monuments of India By Location & Facts

Top 20 Historical Monuments of IndiaIndia has numbers of Historical Monuments as many of rulers visited India and many historical constructions were made by them.  Today we are going to discuss top 20 Historical Monuments of India that mostly tourist visit these places. These places have some interesting facts that you should know about them.

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Following are the list of 20 Historical Monuments with their location, entry fees and facts. Everyone should visit these places and see their beautiful construction that made by various Rajas, Mughal Rulers. Every monument has its important facts and some history of construction behind these monuments. Read the full article and grab the information.

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Lists of Historical Monuments of India
S.No Historical Monuments Location Entry Fees Facts
1 Taj Mahal Agra Indians- INR 40
Foreigners- INR 1000
Various shopping malls and hotel are inspired by the Taj Mahal is being constructed in Dubai
2 Red Fort Delhi Indians- INR 40
Foreigners- INR 550
Red fort was mentioned in one of Sherlock Holmes’ cases: the “Sign of the Four” and was also the location for the movie Jodha Akbar.
3 Victoria Memorial Kolkata Indians- INR 20
Foreigners- INR 200
There are two sets of mysterious inscriptions on the monument. One is “VRI” which means Victoria Regina Imperatrix and the other is “Dieu Et Mon Droit”.
4 Agra Fort Agra  Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 250
The Red Fort was white as constructed was made of limestone. After that British painted it red when the limestone started to come off.
5 Qutub Minar Delhi Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 250
 The Qutub Minar contains an iron pillar that has not rusted even after 2000 years.
6  Humayun’s Tomb Delhi Indians- INR 40
Foreigners- INR 510
It is the main inspirations for the Taj Mahal.
7 Fatehpur Sikri Uttar Pradesh Indians- INR 40
Foreigners- INR 510
Women would come to the tomb of the Sufi saint Salim Chisti to pray for children.
8 Hawa Mahal Jaipur Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 50
This building was created so that the royal ladies can look outside as they were constantly under ‘purdah’
9 Khajuraho Temples Madhya Pradesh Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 250 (only for the western temples, rest are free)
It was also often called Khajjurpura in ancient times.
10 Sanchi Stupa Madhya Pradesh Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 250
The memorial of Buddha were painted with a Mauryan polish to make them ray like glass.
11  Konark Temple Odisha Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 250
The 12 wheels at the base of the temple are sundials that accurately denote time.
12 Mahabodhi Temple Bodh Gaya None The Bodhi tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment. It is believed that this spot will be the last to disappear when the world ends and the first to reappear when the world is recreated.
13 Rani ki Vav Gujarat Indians- INR 5
Foreigners- INR 135
The central level has the theme “Dasavatars” which means 10 incarnations of Vishnu, and that when you approach the water level there will be a sculpture of Vishnu reclining on a thousand snakeheads.
14 Gateway of India Mumbai None The last of the British ships set sail for England from the Gateway of India in the 20th century.
15 Ajanta & Ellora Caves Aurangabad Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 250
Buddhist monks were having permission to go out during the monsoons and would sit and carve sculptures in the Ajanta caves.
16 Charminar Hyderabad Indians- INR 5
Foreigners- INR 100
There is a cat’s head in one of the arches in order to ward off rats that once almost destroyed Hyderabad.
17 Mysore Palace Karnataka Indians- INR 40
Foreigners- INR 200
Earlier, Maharajas used to sit on a Golden pushcart that was carried by elephants during the Dasara festival. Goddess Durga’s idol is now placed inside the pushcart.
18 Hampi Karnataka Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 330
The first instance of human settlement recorded here dates all the way back to 1 CE.
19 Chola temples Tamil Nadu None Raja Cholan was inspired to build the Brihadeshwara Temple at Tanjore due to a dream he had while visiting Sri Lanka.
20 Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu Indians- INR 10
Foreigners- INR 334
The “Descent of the Ganges” that has been carved from pink granite and displays how Lord Shiva made the water of the Ganges from the heavens onto the earth.

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These are all about the 20 Historical Monuments of India by their location. We hope that you have got all information regarding the historical monuments of India.

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