Sep 15, 2018

How To Find Your Lost Item - An Initiative By JMI's Student

Find Your Lost Keys, Wallet, Mobile Phone Etc

It is a good news to all that in the digital world we have now a communication medium to find your our lost item. Generally, we forget our important documents in public places like hospital, Railway station, Bus stop, Metro and other government and private offices etc. In a similar way, we forget our keys in restaurants, shops, temple, mosque etc. Many items like wallet , mark sheet , health report , gadgets , bag are also lost by us in our fast moving life. 

Once we forget our item then It becomes very hard for us to find our item. For example, you are going from one place to another and your home key fell down from your pocket or from your hand. Now you return to your home and your key is missing. Now you are unable to enter your house. You went back to the same place to find your lost key but you are unable to find anywhere. But wait for the key which is missing from your side found by a stranger on road. It is your home key and stranger realize how important this key is for you. But it is impossible for a stranger to return your key because an item like key can never talk to us. But the stranger is a nice man and he wants to return your item but there is no way of communication to talk to the owner of the lost key.

In a similar way, most of the people forget their document, mark sheet, mobile, wallet, report, gadgets etc and the person who find that item unable to identify the real owner of the item or to give the item to the owner because there was no way of communication for this.

Now there is a new medium BackMyItem to report that item. This is a web application which is hosted recently. BackMyItem is a web application which provides the communication between the owner who lost the item and an angel who find your item and want to return back.

We know that items like passport, atm card, pan card, reports, mark sheet are very valuable to us. So it is our moral duty that if you find any unclaimed stuff at public places, road, restaurant etc then report that item on BackMyItem platform. Because this document may be useless for you but it is the life savior of the owner. It will not give you anything but we definitely sure that you will be the reason of the happiness if you return other people stuff for the rest of their life.

How to Report the unclaimed stuff which you find

If you find any unclaimed stuff on public places than you can report that item on BackMyItem platform with the help of following steps:

Create Account

1. Go to the Homepage of the BackMyItem platform from this link BackMyItem
2. This is the feed page of the BackMyItem platform. Now in order to report something first, you need to create an account. So you can sign up from here SignUp
3. Please enter or choose correct email ID and password and also choose a unique username 
4. You will automatically login after the sign-up. If not you can log in from here BackMyItem Login
5. You can also login with the help of your social account like Gmail from the login page. 

Report the Lost Item

If you find any unclaimed stuff then you can easily report with the help of one simple form: 

1. First You need to click on the report BackMyItem Report

2. Now enter the title for the lost item:
   " for example if you a CBSE class 12 marksheet with roll number 0506326 then simple       choose title as CBSE mark sheet 12 class roll number 0506***
            If you find Indian passport then report us as Indian passport number AB08*****"

3. Now choose the type of item. For example, if is mark sheet then select mark sheet in item type and if it is passport then select passport from the list.

4. Now enter the location where you find this item. Just start to enter the address and we will give a suggestion for you from Google map. For example, if you find this item at INDIA Gate then just type India Gate and by suggestion complete address will be fill.
5. Now select an image. You need to upload an image of the item to be identify by the owner. For security reason, you can blur the confidential information from your mobile. We are working on it and soon we will use this feature which automatically blur the confidential information. 

6. This is the last field which is optional. You can write the complete description of the item where you found ,what is the time , what is the color of that item and what is the convenient way for you to return that item.

7. Now click on submit , you post will be submit for the review by the backmyitem team. 

Review By BackMyItem

As we told earlier once you submit the report it will be review by the backmyitem team. The reason of the review is this first the team want to check that the information provided by you is correct or not. They will check the spelling of content ,grammar , category , how you give title etc. Some time many user also add the report for testing purpose so it will also help to avoid misleading data from the home page

Once your post is review successfully then it will be published on the homepage. You can also check your post in the home page.

Once the post published successfully then it’s all the information available to all. And this is very important to you that your identity will be hidden. No one can know who post that item. So, your post will be anonymous to all the world.

How to find your lost item from backmyitem platform:

If you are the person who lost the item then this place will help you lot. If there is the angel who finds your item and also reports on backmyitem then you can communicate with your angel. 

You need to first create your account with the help of the above steps. After login, you can search your post in the home page of backmyitem Backmyitem home page 

You can search your item in the list or you can filter the list by category like if you lost mark sheet select mark sheet from category, if passport then selects passport. You can also search with the number. Like if your mainsheet roll number is 00710107216 then you can type in the search box as mark sheet 0071.

If you fund your item in the item, then you can click on the post. First review completely whether it is your item or not. If it is your item then click on the request to return button. 

Request to return button is the way to communicate with your angel.

Once you clicked then it will open a form which you need to fill. It contains three fields. 

1. Enter your name 

2. Enter your mobile number(“Your angel will call you on this number”)

3. Now enter all the detail about your lost item. Provide some proof so that your angel sure that it is your items. For example, if this item is your marksheet then tell him your name, date of birth, father name etc. If it your bag then what is the item in the bag or if it is wallet then what is there in the wallet etc.(All the info, your number will be a private and only show to your angel)

And then click on Request to return.

What will happen after you request:

Once you request, your angel will get the notification. The information you provided will be shown to him. If he satisfied that it is you the real owner of the item then you will get a call from your angel. Now you both communicate with each other.

How to Check Notification

Notification can be read from the following page notification page

How To Edit OR Delete?

If you want to edit or delete the post then it is only one click option. First, go to your account and click on your name. Now all your content will be there. If you want to edit or delete the post then click on that post.

Note: The purpose of this web application is to help each other to make the world a better place. This platform gives you a chance to become someone happiness. We for sure if you return anyone item you will get a smile which you will remember last longer. So please contribute BackMyItem to help each other. Thanks for reading.

If you need any help then you can contact to the BackMyItem team from Contact Page

Web Application Development & Tutorial Contribution By Mr. Saiful Haisan


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