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Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 2017 Bank Railway SSC MCQ Questions

Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Dear Visitors, Welcome on SarkariNaukriCareer, Quantitative Aptitude questions are asked in All Competitive examination and has a major sector when it comes on Total Marks. Its must be solved to qualify in any examination. Aspirants looking for practice questions in MCQ Form, they should check all questions with answers which are given below:-

1. What is the place value of 7 in the numeral 2734?
(A) 70 (B) 7
(C) 700 (D) 7.00
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2. Find the product of the local value and absolute value of 4 in 564823
(A) 1600 (B) 8000
(C) 16000 (D) 12000
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3. Find the product of the place value and face value of 3 in 5769354
(A) 900 (B) 9000
(C) 90(D) 9
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4. What is the least value of x, so that 23x57 is divisible by 3.
A) 2(B) 0
(C) 1 (D) 3
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5. What is the least value of p, so that 123p578 is divisible by 11
A) 7 (B) 8
(C) 6 (D) 5
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6. Find the product of the local value and absolute value of 4 in 23468
A) 1200 (B) 80
(C) 400(D) 1600
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7. What is the least value of x. So that 23x57 is divisible by 3
(A) 2 (B) 0
(C) 1 (D) 3
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8. What is the least value of x, So that 2x5472 is divisible by 9
(A) 7 (B) 8
(C) 9 (D) 3
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9. What is the least value of k. So that 123k578 is divisible by 11.
(A) 8 (B) 7
(C) 6 (D) 5
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10. Which is the following is divisible by 11.
(A) 4305
(B) 4825
(C) 4805
(D) 4905
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11. A person took some amount with some interest for 2 years, but increase the interest for 1%, he paid Rs.120/- extra, then how much amount he took?
(A) Rs.5500/- (B)Rs.6000/-
(C) Rs.4000/-(D) Rs.7000/-
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12. The rate of Interest on a sum of money is 2% p.a. for the first 3 years, 4% p.a. for the next 4 years, and 5% for the period beyond 7 years. If the S.I, Occured on the sum for the total period of 8 years is Rs. 540/-, the sum is
(A) 2,200 (B) 2,000
(C) 2100 (D) 2,250
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13. A sum of 1200 lent at S.I at 10% will become twice in how many years?
(A) 12 years (B) 14 years
(C) 10 years(D) 8 years
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14. √29929 = ?
(A) 173 (B) 163
(C) 196 (D) L186
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15. ?/√196 = 5
(A) 76 (B) 72
(C) 76 (D) 70
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16. The sum of two numbers is 232 and their H.C.F is 29. How many pairs of such numbers are
(A) 1 (B) 2
(C) 0 (D) None of these
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17. Sum of two numbers is 63. Their difference is 1/8 of their sum. their L.C.M is
(A) 231 (B) 156
(C) 351 (D) 345
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18. A can do a work in 60days and B in 12 days.Then A and B together do the work in,how many days?
(A) 5 days (B) 10 days
(C) 4 days (D) 2 days
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19. A and B together can do a work In 4 days. A alone can do it in 12days.what time B will take to do the work alone?
(A) 6 days (B) 8 days
(C) 12 days (D) 10 days
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20. A table is bought for Rs.600/- and sold at Rs.700/- find gain or loss percentage a) 25% loss b) 30% gain c) 30% loss d) 25% gain
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