Jan 27, 2014

Bank Interview Questions and Tips: (PO, Clerk, and Specialist Officer)

Guys we are going today to describe here about the Bank interview process and also some important commonly asked question which will be help for your further bank interview. Our aim to provide best guidance so that you gain success in your career.

For above, out team doing best to collect information and provide it to you in optimized manner, In this article we cover all necessary thing which required for the bank interview. Here you find the detail about the process of bank interview and some expected question.

This article equally beneficial for all bank jobs interview, like probationary officer, Clerk and Specialist Officer also. Because in above all post some of question common which asked by the interview board.
Most of new and fresher aspirants not aware what should do after  clearing the written exam, they still confused about the interview, they think the interview is the test of knowledge but actually it is not the knowledge test it basically personality cum knowledge test.  So for this purpose we cover all these things in this article it will be much beneficial for the fresher candidates.

We will cover here all mostly asked common questions during the bank interview along with this we also give tips which make your success rate high.
These are some commonly asked questions have a look and take it for the preparation of bank interview.

Ques 1- First question arise by the board member after asking about yourself,  Describe it what is  bank?
Ans. Your answer should be very straight forward and to the point, not much lengthy about the bank. Just simple say  Bank is financial institution which accepts deposits from the person. Thts it.
Ques 2- Next question can asked  that , tell about  the Types of banks?

Ans. You just say only Different category of bank like Nationalized banks, Private Banks, Foreign banks, Regional rural banks, Co-operative banks  not give any description without asking by the board. Whenever board member ask then only describe it.

Ques 3- What do you know about the  nationalized bank?
Ans. You can give the answer of this question as like just say, Banks which are running under the supervision of  government of India, are called  nationalized banks. There are total 20 nationalized banks in our Country.

Ques – 4  What you know about the RBI when it comes in function?
 Ans.: RBI comes in function by the year of  1935, and the head office is in Mumbai. Present Governor of RBI “Raghu Ram Rajan”.
RBI is the "bankers bank", because all banks will have a/c's with RBI.

Ques -5 How many Types of accounts in any banks?
Ans. There are several type of account just you give the name only,
1. Saving’s bank account
2.Current account
3.Fixed Deposit account
4.Recurring deposit

Ques 6- Tell about the account payee cheque? 
Ans. Account payee cheques are the cheque which can only withdraw by the concern person accounts.

Ques 7- What do yo know about the At Par cheque? 
Ans. The cheque which can be  payable anywhere in India called AT Par cheque

Ques 8-What do you know about the  Internet banking? 
Ans. Banking process implement through internet is called Internet banking.

Ques 9- What is the fullform of ATM? 
Ans. Automatic Teller Machine

Ques 10- What the full form of PLR and BPLR? 
Ans. PLR - Prime Lending Rate
        BPLR - Basic Prime Lending Rate

Ques 11. What is the full form CRR and SLR?
 Ans. CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio
         SLR: Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Ques 12- What are the full form  RTGS and NEFT?
Ans. RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement
        NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer.
These are the methods by which funds can be transferred from one bank to another bank.

Hope this article you like and it will be much beneficial for all of you who preparing for the banking sector job, for more article and other career related tips visit our portal sarkarinaukricareer.com regularly.