Oct 2, 2015

Rail Budget New Trains Announcement, Analysis in Hindi and English PDF

Rail Budget :
Now the Rail Budget announced by the Mallikarjun Kharge ,Ministry of Railway department . In this budget there are so many new trains introduced
and also more important things is that there is no any rise in fare.

All people expect  to Mallikarjun that he will present the railway budget which make feel good for Aam Admi (common man) . There  are many trains newly started which is very good news for the passengers which use train daily basic.

In this current year 2014 Railway Budget, Rail Minister Mallikarjun Kharge Introduced 72 new trains in which includes 17 number of premium trains, 38 number of Express trains, 10 number of Passenger trains, 4 number of MEMU and 3 number of DEMU people are happy to get these new trains and one thing also is good in this budget there is no change in the fare.

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