Nov 9, 2017

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs
Many jobs has maximum pay scale in various field like medicals, IT sector, Management, etc. According to your knowledge and experience, the pay scale may vary. A person who has more experience may take the excellent package. Working in this field means that you will need to plan to spend some years in university to get the necessary training.

 There are some excellent MNC’s like Google, Facebook, etc. who are to give on demanding salary package if your skills match with their profile. So just sharp your skills whatever field you belong and practices a lot.

  Surgeon-:  Surgeon operates on patient in order to remove the disease, repair broken bones, tumors etc. During the operation, a surgeon takes important decisions about patient health, safety and welfare. Surgeons are also known as ‘Lifesaving Human Being’. The surgeon also looked upon as the team leader in surgeon team for the specific body organs. They diagnose the patient very carefully and do the treatment according to a medical report of patient. Surgeon is a specialization done on the particular organs or part of the body. There are many types of surgeons available in hospitals like Heart Surgeons, Neuro Surgeons, and Orthopedic Surgeons etc. They use multi-type of instruments for the operation so that they can prevent all disease or repair the bones. The salary of surgeons vary from 1, 00,000 lac per months to 10, 00,000 lac per months.

  Pharmacist-: Pharmacist is also known as ‘Chemist’ which works in retail store of /medicines or drugs. They are also a member of the healthcare team and directly involved.  Pharmacist can own their store stores independently but a license should have from government. They provide a good quality of medicines to patients which is prescribe by consultant a doctor.  They also undergo university-level education to understand the biochemical and actions of drug and their uses. Every pharmacist should hold the degree of either ‘Bachelor of pharmacy’, ‘Master in Pharmacy’ or ‘Doctor of Pharmacy’. On graduation, pharmacists are licensed, either nationally or regionally, to dispense medication of various types in the areas they have trained for. Some may undergo further specialized training, such as in cardiology or oncology. They also work in hospitals as well as other healthcare centres. They monitor the medicines and replaces with expired by the manufacturing date.  Pharmacist can prescribe the medicine by their own and provide to patient for small diseases like cough, fever, gas problems, headache etc. Pharmacist stores are easily available in market and get verity of medicines in the stores. Their salary may be vary from 80,000 to 5, 00,000 per month.

•  Nuclear Engineer-:  Nuclear Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the application of the breakdown as well as the combination of atomic nuclei or the application of other sub-atomic physics, based on the principles of nuclear physics. They design and develop the nuclear equipment, such as reactor cores, radiation shielding, and associated instruments.  Nuclear engineers research and develops used to get benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. Generally nuclear engineer work environment is in laboratories and nuclear plants. Their salary may vary from 70,000 to 2,00,000 per months.

 Petroleum Engineer-:  Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbons, which can be either crude oil or natural gas.  Petroleum Engineer works with the geologists and other specialists to understand the geologic formation of the rock containing the reservoir. They also determine the drilling methods and drilling equipment and monitor the operation of taking out oil or natural gas. Petroleum Engineering is being highest pay job in 2016. They are responsible for production of good petrol and natural gas which are used as fuel in daily life. The average salary of petroleum engineer is 825,414 rupee in a year.

 Software engineer-:  Software Engineer is the person who designs and develops the software using computer programs. It deals with the study of computer science, and engineering were all fundamentals concepts computer and their programming languages are studied. A software engineer uses some programming languages and develops software or an application in order to reduce the man work with effective outputs. Software engineers or developer are creative mind behind the computer programming languages.  A software developer requires an environment or framework were he/she can implement the codes and fix bugs while compilation. For developing a software, one should have strong programming skills to write code in an environment. Salary of a software engineer is from 3,00,000 to 50,00,000 lac per months.

  Chartered Accountant-: Chartered Accountant is backbone of running of huge business forms. They deals with the various accounts and taxes of company. They maintains the financial records of company whether the taxes are paid on time or not and they make sure records are accurate. They also manage the budgets of particular company and provide financial advice.  They detects and prevent the fraud and arrange financial management reports, including financial planning and forecasting.  Chartered Accountants are not bookkeeper, are given the duty to verify and confirm the truth and fairness of the books of accounts they audit or the tax return of client they file. The average salary of chartered accountant is 7, 36,000 rupee in a year.

•    Neurologists-:  Neurology is a branch of science concerned with study and treatment of nervous disorder such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis etc. They deal and study of human brain and spinal cord, their diseases to prevent.  A neurologist is a medical doctor or osteopath who has trained in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, including diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. There are more than 600 brain diseases which are injurious to our life and loved one. The average salary on a neurologist is around 50, 00,000 rupee over a year.

•   Management professional-:  Management professional are the key player of business companies.  They manages all the prose and crones of company and help in running a good enterprise. One can be the part of this professional by pursuing BA and MBA degree. In this degree you will learn how to run a form and maintain the flow. Management professional also deal with the marking part, and they know well how to sell or introduce the product of one company. For getting success in management professional your communication skills should be very strong. The average salary of management professional is from 12,00,000 to 20,00,000 rupee in a year. 

    Space scientist-: Space scientists are those scientist who work is related to study of Earth and its atmosphere. They do research and invent new valuable information about Earth and the Universe. They also forecast the weather with use of sterilities and do inform us. They prevent us from natural disasters which may badly affect on us. They collect and analyze historical climate information such as precipitation and temperature records in order to help predict future weather and climate trends. The salary of space scientists may be approx. 1,00,000 to 10,00,000 rupee in a months.

These are the top 10 highest pay jobs in the World. We hope that you are satisfied with the above information and helpful to you.  Moreover, helpful in choosing the right field which is more productive for you in future.



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