Jan 30, 2016

How To MNP (Mobile Number Portability) - Procedure For All Operators

How to MNP (Mobile Number Portability)
Hello Friends, today I am struggling with the problem of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) like other user who faces problem in their telecom service. I am using X company sim, it often don’t work properly, 

sometimes proper signal don’t come, voice of the person who is on the other phone can’t be heard properly so I have decided to change my telecom operator but not the number as it is with all my near and dear ones.

So if you are going with the same properly and trying for MNP (Mobile Number Portability) then you don’t have to worry as we have provided below procedure, steps which are are same and applicable for all the other telecom operators for porting. Please have a look

Procedure to do to MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

·         First you have to send message as PORT (your mobile number) to 1900 and then you will receive a UPC code through SMS on your mobile from which you have send PORT message, it will have code and details of expire of UPC Code.

·         You can have to visit your nearest mobile operator shop, pay Rs 19 and the form with the company to want to port your operator, enter your UPC code in the form and attest Identity proof, Address Proof and photograph.

·         Now you will get a new sim from the mobile operator shop after submission of fee and form.

·         It will take around 7 days for porting, you will receive message of port through SMS.

·         Now you can put your new sim in your mobile with change telecom operator so to use your mobile phone without any problem.

Points to remember while MNP

You can change the new operator after porting before 3 months which means you cannot report your telecom operator before three months.

You cannot port other than your circle like UP circle to MH circle, you can port only circle to circle of operator like UP circle to UP circle.

Hope you are satisfied with the information given on the page and now you can port your sim easily without taking help from others as they charge extra because we are not aware of the actual fee of porting. Visitors all the information for MNP is given by our team of www.sarkarinaukricareer.in.


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