Aug 12, 2016

How to Make SBI Demand Draft Online & Application Fee Charges

How to Make SBI Demand Draft Online & Application Fee Charges

Great News Guys! State bank of India provides Demand Draft Online Services.
In online mode, there is no possibility of mistyping since fill all the details. In this post, I will be sharing how I applied for demand draft online SBI and got it from bank. Although if you have time, you can get the DD delivered to your home through courier by paying extra Rs. 51 in commission amount.

Steps to Issue Demand Draft from Online SBI

·         You need visit the Online SBI account.

·         Click on 'Payments/Transfers' tab after logging in as shown in the image.

·         Now click on 'Issue Demand Draft' as shown in the image.

·         Enter 'Profile Password' to go further.

·         Now enter the details of the Demand Draft as shown in the image.

·         Enter the amount for DD.

·         Then select the account from which you want to debit one savings account or current account.

·         Then enter the 'In favour of' field i.e., the institution, college, university, person or company name

·         Then enter the branch code for the branch at which the demand-draft is payable

·     Select Delivery option. You can either choose to mail the DD to the beneficiary directly or to your mailing address with the bank. In case you wish to send the DD/CO directly to the beneficiary then in addition to providing the beneficiary name you also have to provide the beneficiary mailing address.
·         After that, click submit.

·         Next, you will be charged a commission for SD. For me, the charge was Rs. 5 to Rs. 1000 or 0.5%. Then check the details and confirm the transaction.

·         Then, you receive the style 'Password Security' on your registered mobile phone number. Enter it and click "Submit".

·     Then you get the "Transaction Reference Number" and the DD details. You will have the option to print the network option if you chose the "person pickup option. printing plate, take it with you to the bank branch during working hours, show it to the bank officer and collect the HDD.

·       Do not use the 'Courier' DD because I had the next day. I went to the bank the day after completing the data online and got the DD in 10 minutes because of the tail. Otherwise, I would have obtained in less time. Since the details are already filled in online mode, the bank officials simply have a hard copy so they do not take much time in the offline mode.

Hope this will be helpful for you 


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