Dec 29, 2016

General Knowledge (GK) Quiz 2019 MCQ Questions & Answers

GK Quiz Questions & Answers
Aspirants Welcome on SarkariNaukriCareer, In Most of the examinations, GK & Current Affairs Questions are very important and often are asked in the examination. We have Prepared a List of 40 GK Questions with Accurate Answers that are given below:-

1. The Iron Pillar near Qutub Minar draws attention of scientists due to its–
(A) antiquity (B) glitter
(C) hardness (D) rustlessness
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2. What were the Khanqahs in the Medieval India? (A) Sufi shrines (B) State Granaries
(C) Provincial treasuries (D) Wayside resting places for traders
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3. The relationship between the epiphytic plants and the host plants is– (A) symbiotic (B) commensalism
(C) amensalism (D) mutualism
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4. Which one of the following regions has the largest area of wheat production?
(A) Asia (B) Europe
(C) North America (D) South America
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5. "World Development Report" is an annual publication of– (A) United Nations Development Programme (B) International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
(C) World Trade Organisation (D) International Monetary Fund
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6. Development means economic growth plus–
(A) inflation (B) deflation
(C) price stability (D) social change
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7. The correct sequence in descending order of the given states in coal mining is–
(A) Paschim Banga, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh (B) Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Paschim Banga
(C) Bihar, Paschim Banga, Madhya Pradesh (D) Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Paschim Banga
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8. Copper is produced in–
(A) Rajasthan and Bihar (B) Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan
(C) Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan (D) Odisha, Rajasthan, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
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9. The term Visthi stands for–
(A) landless labourers (B) payment of rent for land partially in the form of free labour
(C) forced labour (D) Both 'b' and 'c'
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10. The reason for the sharp antagonism of the Brahmins and the ulema against Kabir and Nanak was that they–
(A) preached Hindu-Muslim unity
(B) belonged to the lower castes
(C) saw them as propagators of new religions
(D) dubbed the Brahmins and mullahs as ignorant, credulous, vain and misguided
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11. Which one of the following states has the world's largest fresh water island?
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Karnataka
(C) Bihar (D) Asom
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12. Who is the Chairman of the second Administrative Reforms Commission?
(A) Bimal Jalan (B) Dr Karan Singh
(C) M Veerappa Moily (D) Ahmed Patel
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13. Billy Doctrove, a member of the Elite Panel of ICC umpires belongs to which one of the following countries?
(A) South Africa (B) West Indies
(C) Australia (D) New Zealand
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14. The 2014 Winter Olympics will be hosted by–
(A) Sochi (B) Oslo
(C) Paris (D) Stockholm
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15. What was the main cause of the impoverishment of the peasantry in the nineteenth century?
(A) British imperialism (B) Lack of technological progress
(C) Heavy assessment of land revenue (D) Fundamental changes in the structure of rural society
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16. Tea is grown in–
(A) Ukraine (B) Georgia
(C) Kazakhstan (D) Uzbekistan
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17. For which of the following regions did the company ultimately accept the principle of limiting land tax to one-third of the gross produce?
(A) Bengal, Bihar, and Odisha (B) The Gangetic Valley
(C) The Bombay Presidency (D) The Madras Presidency
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18. Which of the following parts of insectivorous plants such as nepenthes, darlingtonia, etc have modified to capture the insects?
(A) Leaf (B) Stem
(C) Root (D) Flower
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19. In the world, India is one of the major producers of which one of the following minerals?
(A) Copper (B) Lead
(C) Chromium (D) Zinc
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20. Which of the following is not a plantation crop? a) Rubber, b) Arecanut, c) Cocoa, d) Potato
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21. No. 2 Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) established in? a) 1964, b) 1965,
c) 1966, d) 1967
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22. Which former Chief Election Commissioner is the author of the book The Miracle of Democracy: Indias Amazing Journey? a) T. N. Seshan, b) M. S. Gill,
c) B. B. Tandon, d) T. S. Krishnamurthy
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23. The distribution of Teesta river water is a bone of contention between India and which of the following countries? a) Pakistan, b) Nepal,
c) China, d) Bangladesh,
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24. Which of the following is not the name of a foreign bank? a) BNP Paribas, b) Deutsche Bank,
c) Barclays, d) Cathay Pacific
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25. Which among the following states have topped India Human Development Report 2011? a) Keral, b) Tamil Nadu,
c) Himachal Pradesh, d) Punjab
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26. Guru Tegh Bahadur Gold Cup tournament is associated with which of the following sports? a) Hockey, b) Badminton,
c) Cricket, d) Soccer
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27. Which five year plan is also known as “Gadgil Yojana”? a) Second Five Year Plan, b) Third Five Year Plan,
c) Fourth Five Year Plan, d) Fifth Five Year Plan
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28. Where is the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) located? a) Hyderabad, b) Mumbai,
c) Kolkata, d) Bangalore
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29. Which of the following days is observed as the International Day for Tolerance? a) October 2, b) November 16,
c) October 24, d) October 16
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30. What is the full form of POS? a) Permission of Sale, b) Point of Sale,
c) Point of Support, d) Potential of Service
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31. Which of the following programmer was launched by the government to develop rural infrastructure in India? a) SHGs, b) Bharat Nirman,
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32. Which of the following is not a banking term? a) Overdraft, b) CBS,
c) Equator, d) Account payee
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33. BR Act controls banking activities in India. What does the letter R denote? a) Reformation, b) Regulation,
c) Reporting, d) Ranking
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34. Which is the first Indian company to be listed in NASDAQ? a) TCS, b) Reliance,
c) Infosys, d) Wipro,
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35. Green Revolution started in? a) 1964-65, b) 1965-66,
c) 1966-67, d) 1967-68
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36. Which country currency is called Yen? a) China, b) North Korea,
c) South Korea, d) Japan
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37. Which of the following schemes has been successful in attracting children to come to school and get educated? a) MGNREGA, b) Food for Work,
c) Mid Day Meal, d) NRLM
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38. Which of the following countries is not a member of ASEAN? a) Pakistan, b) Indonesia,
c) Singapore, d) Malaysia
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39. With which game is Vijay Hazare Trophy associated? a) Hockey, b) Football,
c) Cricket, d) Table Tennis
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40. What is the name of the document released by the Planning Commission, which pre-estimates progress of the economy?
(A) India Vision 2030 (B) India Vision 2020
(C) India Vision 2045 (D) India Vision 2025
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