Mar 25, 2017

Railway Ministry Food Tariff In Train Reveals - Complete List

Railway Ministry Food Tariff In Train Reveals

Get complete list of Railway ministry food Tariff in Train Reveals. On Tuesday Railway Ministry has issued a rate card for its catering services to address the grievance of passengers after complaint of food and beverages being charged higher on trains.

The Ministry also asked passengers to file complaints if and when they are charged higher than the listed price. In a tweet, the ministry said, “Know the rate list of Indian Railways catering. In case of any inconsistency must report to @RailMinIndia: We work for you 24×7 #Awareness.”

Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia):
Ministry also released a video listing cost of items after it held a conference on catering services, attended by govt from food and beverage industry, govt agencies, self-help groups and railway officials.
The delegates at the meeting laid out their concerns regarding complaints filed by passengers on food items, describing it as “poor quality, less quantity and over-charging.”

Passengers complaints:
According to a report published in Hindustan Times, angry passengers have posted complaints on grievance portals and social networking sites regarding the quality of food and catering services offered by the private vendors employed under IRCTC. As per the contract signed by the private vendors, they are supposed to follow the pricing laid out by IRCTC.

Minister of Railways Steps:
·         Union Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhu last month had commenced a new catering policy for Railways separating the execution of the cooking and its distribution on board to address complaints made by passengers regarding quality of food served. 

·         Introducing the strategy, Prabhu had said that the food will be prepared in the base kitchens at the same time as providers from the hospital industry will be employed for distribution of the food. The move is expected to attract major food industry players in the market to link up with Railways.

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