Apr 11, 2017

Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card Replace to Ration Card – Registration

Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card Replace to Ration Card

Check complete details about Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card Replace to Ration Card from beloe tailored section .As an initiative towards digitization, Tamil Nadu government is launching Smart Family Card Scheme to make the ration cards in Tamil Nadu digital. Under the system, about 1.89 crore ration cards in TN will be replaced by smart cards at the cost of Rs. 330 crore.

The scheme will not interrupt the consumer; they can use the old ration card to buy merchandise at PDS outlets until they receive the smart card. After receiving an SMS on their registered mobile number, the card holder can acquire their smart card from their particular PDS outlets. SMS for a smart card would be sent by the authorities to the card holder’s mobile number.

Government is creating a new database of ration card holders by accumulate their Aadhaar card details. Of 6.90 crore members of ration cards, Government has collected the Aadhar details of about 5.85 crore.

Smart Cards:

·         These Smart Cards are being produced on the basis of Card holder’s Aadhar information and the expenditure on the distribution of these cards will be borne by the state government.
·         Smart card scheme is the automation of the Public Distribution System which is now becoming a reality and the method will benefit the public in different ways.
·         The scheme will stop the duplication of cards. Besides, it will ensure the distribution of PDS commodities to the deserving person and also stop the bogus billings.
·         Under the scheme, the observing of allocation of commodities to PDS outlets and movement of necessary commodities from warehouses to outlets will be done.
·         All the task such as new card application, addition or deletion of members and change of address can be done online.
·         Smart card system was broadcasted by former CM late Jayalalithaa in 2012 with the plan to make the PDS computerized.
·         An amount of Rs. 5,500 crore is being allocated annually for the Food department as a subsidy.
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