Aug 19, 2017

Rajasthan Prasuti Sahayata Yojana 2017 - 18 Application Form Details

Rajasthan Prasuti Sahayata Yojana

Check complete details about Rajasthan Prasuti Sahayata Yojana 2017 – 18 such as Qualification Criteria, Required Documents For Raj Rajasthan Prasuti Sahayata Yojana etc from below uttered section.PSY For the advantage of Rajasthan Prasuti Sahayata Yojana, which is controlled by the work office, men will similarly be qualified for the advantage.

Prasuti Shayata Yojana Rajasthan is for the profit of Prasoti Shayata Yojana, which is run by labor department, men will also be eligible for advantage. Only women were suitable for this scheme from Rajasthan Govt. But the men registered as building workers in the labor dept will also get the benefit of the scheme. Under this scheme Rs. 21,000 / – and 20,000 rupees for the boy’s birth will be provided.

Eligibility Criteria for Prasuti Shayata Yojana Rajasthan
·         Deadline to apply (Certificate of Obstetrics in Hospital) in 90 days of delivery date
·         Required registration of beneficiary 6 weeks before delivery.
·         Payable up to two deliveries.In
·         In the case of institutional delivery i.e. means of delivery in the hospital, benefits are given only.
·         At the time of delivery, the beneficiary’s age should not be less than 20 years.
·         In the case of two children before the registration, the assistance will be provided.
·         Only assistance for 1 delivery will be given after registration if one delivery had been one before registration.
·         The eight pass and unmarried girls will receive Rs. 55000 after completing 18 years of age.
·         The said amount can be spent by the girls in marriage for their education and industry.
·         Twin conditions will also benefit more than two children.

Required Documents For Raj Rajasthan Prasuti Sahayata Yojana:
·         Copy of the registration letter of beneficiary
·         Beneficiary Registration Introduction Card or letter’s copy.
·         Beneficiary age certificate.8
·         Delivery Discharge Ticket / Mamta Card
·         Birth certificates of child
·         Copy of Bhamshah Family card or nomination of nominee
·         Copy of Aadhaar Card
·         Copy of the first page of the bank account passbook

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