Oct 25, 2017

How The Meditation Can Change Your Life & Help to Achieve Your Life Goals

How The Meditation Can Change Your Life & Help to Achieve Your Life Goals

We have discussed before very well in our previous articles that the life is so crucial and rapid. Life is changing every second and the stress & challenges on people’s mind is getting over and over with time. Life of the people need a break physically as well as mentally.

Life can never be easy but its challenges can be tolerated peacefully with the help of some advised techniques. We can see around us that the students as well as various professionals busy life schedule is making them stressful mentally as well as physically. This is the only cause because of which their performances are declining day by day.

Mentally & Physically retardation has become the part of people’s life. Everyone is seeming uninterested as well as unhappy of their life. That is the only reason everyone is getting defeated easily and is accepting this cause of defeat with their guilty hand.

Off course life is so busy and fast. Off course life is challenging & full of tiredness but this must be feed to our minds that the Life we have got is precious. The life we are living is worthy & much important. We, because of stress think that the life is challenging, and no one is happy.

No one is able to recognise what is the cause behind their unsuccessful & uninteresting life. Why the people are getting easily bored of their lives. Why they are not able to do or perform well in their respective fields.  

Very first we should start thinking that the life is so beautiful. We have got life for only few years, but however much time we get is less. We can make our life as like as we want to make it. Life is like an adobe whatever case in you give it shape, it takes the same.

As far through the article we have discussed that life is full of pressures & stresses. Everyone seems uninterested about living their lives. No one knows the secrete of making the life beautiful and full of satisfaction & happiness.

Don’t worry guys. If you are living same kind of boring life like we have discussed so far, then this article is about yours. You shall definitely get benefitted of the current article, only if shall start following all the discussed points of the current article.  

Some of the echoes are well known to our ears that the life is getting bored day by day because of the amount of burden & pressures of works in life. We are missing something that should be part of our daily life routine, this should be recognised to make the life awesome. What is this? This is none other than “Meditation”.

Some people believes that the meditation is a kind of practice that is performed by saints, monks or by the people whose are associated with religious activities. But this is not true anyhow. Science has also believed that the Meditation is the key of staying mentally Cool & calm, focused, relaxed, alert, fast, effective, fittest etc. This is the only reason that the United Nations which cannot accept anything until the exact facts for that particular thing are not science & tech based. Meditation & Yoga have proved their importance globally, this is the reason that the UN announce to celebrate 21st of June as Yoga Day.

Yes, meditation is the only medicine that is free of cost, requires only some of time through your day. Meditation gives you mental peace & relaxation and almost everything that you expect to make your life full of satisfaction at Mental & Physical level.

What is Meditation?
Meditation is that state of mind where all your thoughts become Nil. Nil means neither the thoughts are coming to your mind nor going out.
Now the question comes,

How to do meditation?
Be relaxed, completely relaxed, close your eyes, take deep 9-10 breaths. Now try to concentrate your mind at some place where your mind neither generating nor destroying any single thought. it is really very hard to concentrate somewhere and makes you mentally Nil but although this state of mind can be achieved by practice. Meditation teaches you how to control you mind thoughts & brain peacefully.

Meditation needs patience. Its definite that you, in starting shall find yourself unable to control you mind thoughts. But as said by great people that practice makes a man perfect. This is universal truth. Try, try and try until you don’t get succeed. Try to achieve that state of mind where you take over your brain thoughts and be mentally peaceful as well as mentally satisfied.

Now we are here with the benefits of the Meditation. There are ample of benefits you get by meditating. Some of them are ;

1.      Gives you permanent happiness
Smiling face is the medicine of all the sins of life. 24*7 hours, smile on your face can make you more than what you expect to be from your life and this permanent smile on your face comes through the permanent happiness. The permanent happiness can be achieved via Meditation. When you feel mentally relaxed & peaceful by controlling over your those thoughts, which makes unhappy, then the smile all the time automatically comes to your face.

2.      Confidence gain
If you are practicing the technique of Meditation daily then you shall be able to gain ample of confidence by this practice. Give your best on every effort you do to practice Meditation, believe you shall acquire almost everything that you willing for. The most important thing will be your Confidence. Day by day practice of Meditation gives you confidence gain, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is the best suitable example of this.

3.      Decision making ability
A daily practice of Meditation gives you the ability of making decision those are best suited to you along with permanent happiness and confidence gain. To make your life healthy, wealthy & satisfied what you most need is the best decisions those can change your entire life effectively. The art of making quick, responsive & effective decisions can be built in yourself by practicing Meditation.

4.      Sharp & Effective facial looks
This is examined through various experiments that the people who practice meditation as the part of their daily life routine have sharp & effective looks on their faces. The example of such people are various saints and monks.

Here this means not to say that only Monks & Saints practices meditation…No, not at all. The Meditation can be practiced by anyone. But the people find themselves unable to manage time for daily Meditation whereas the saints as well as monks makes this happen.

5.      Perfection in Life
As daily as you Practices meditation daily, a kind of perfection starts coming to your life. Perfection in almost everything. If you do something as your daily deed it goes to your best performance trials and becomes perfect. You will figure out all your daily performances at the top. Now you become able to sort out all your life problems easily by giving your best & top shots. And you shall recognise yourself as Mr./ Miss Perfect.      

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