Nov 15, 2017

How Much Study is Required To Become a Topper

How Much Study is Required To Become a Topper

 All student and candidate want to top in their class, schools, and colleges/Universities. To be a topper is not a big deal. Every student can become topper and become successful in their life. When we see such student who tops in their exam or any competition exam, we may think about that, what is the thing that makes him/she one of the toppers. All student or candidate have almost similar learning capacity, memorization power, talent, ability to do work etc. But one thing varies from student to topper that is thinking power. 

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Thinking power may have different thinking analysis in students. It couldn’t be similar to everyone. That makes you from an average student to in the list of toppers. After all, to become a topper you should have dedication and determination of doing something. Actually, a student who tops in their exams they have set their goals in the mind. In order to achieve their goals they work and study accordingly. They make their short time and long time goals and studied for it, that student becomes successful in their life and takes place on the list of the topper. To become topper student or candidate can follow some easy step and with care.

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Here some easy step that student can follow to become topper in the class, school, and colleges:

·         Dedication-: Dedication of studying is very important to become a topper. It makes you concentrate on your studies and prevents from other interrupts.  If we study with full dedication and determination, we get success in the end. So, dedication is required to doing any work weather studying, working in a company, preparation of any competitive exam etc. Students just decide your goal and try to work accordingly. Once your goal is decided then it is easier to achieve success in any field.

·         Study with interest-: Some of the students just thinking that I wish that I would become topper of my class or school. Just dreaming will not happen in really until unless you fight or work for it. They just dream to become but actually, it requires a lot of hard work as well as concentration. While studying yours dreams should not interfere at that time. Study with interest, try to motivate towards studies which may lead you to secure a space in the list of toppers. Study your subject as interest level as you play games or do other activity which you like to do.

·         Concentration-: As discussed above that do not dream big, just do work. All the dreams will come true when trying to perform in real. Seeing dreams is a good thing but just seeing and hoping that God may fulfill all the dreams, is not true. Build your concentration and avoid these interrupts while studying. Concentration is the key to get success. So, define previously also do not pay any to attention around you, just busy in your work.

·     Motivation-: Keep motivate towards your studies and long-term goals. Because motivation makes once energetic and full of enthusiasm. Study more and more about the goal which makes you familiar with it and creates a proper plan in your mind in order to achieve it. 

·         Making plans-: Plans are used to execute the work in a proper or very sequence manner. Before starting study you to learn how to manage the time and should keep a target in your mind.  Divide your time for different subjects and put more time to difficult subjects like Maths, Chemistry etc. If possible start your studies with the difficult subject first.

·         Pay Attention-: Listen to your teachers and pay attention in the school or college what they teach. Make proper notes of it. Don’t give attention to other while the teacher explains the topic. Try to become good listener it will help hold concepts in the mind for a long interval of time.

·         Take proper meal-: Avoid the junks foods because it may introduce you to various disease which is not good your health. Eat nutrients which make our brain strong and our health becomes well. Gives the energy to do work and generates good stamina for our body. It may help in preventing diseases. If you prevent disease then you can make more focus to your studies.

·         Use of Internet-: Student can use the internet for study propose only. They can visit various tutorial websites and video channel on youtube. Don’t miss use of the internet while studying. Avoid all social media websites and application at that time like facebook, twitter, whats app etc. Because the internet is a source of lots of information but finds out that information that is useful to your studies. At break time student can use this website but not for a longer period of time. You can get all information on topics of a different subject with full and detailed explanations on the internet.

·          Create your way-: Student should make their own style for studying. Do not copy the way of studying as other. Toppers do not copy the style, they just think and make their own and unique way of studying. Creativity is the thing that should not matches with other sometimes it happens but in rare. So make your own style studying that you can easily follow and productive. Just confident in your style of studying, you will get space on the topper list. So every student or candidate is unique in his/her own way, recognize it properly and study.

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These are the steps to become topper in the class, school or colleges. To become topper just keep faith in you, be motivated and self-confident. See dreams but keep the capability to complete and enjoy in the real. We hope these steps help you to become a topper and success in your life.

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