Jun 16, 2020

Mathematics Preparation Tips to Crack NDA | 2020 Exam

The NDA exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year. The paper mainly consists of two parts, Mathematics, and General Ability Test. The questions in NDA exam are generally asked from syllabus of class 11 and 12. Thus, the students are advised to prepare their Mathematics syllabus for NDA well.

It is very important for the students to complete the entire syllabus and then start practising mock test paper and previous year question papers for better NDA preparation. In this article, we will be sharing NDA preparation tips for Mathematics and will also discuss the topics included in the syllabus in detail.

NDA Preparation Tips for Mathematics

Tip 1: Clear the basic concepts.

The first and foremost point of NDA preparation tips for Mathematics has to be this.
The questions asked in the NDA Mathematics section are generally from the basic concepts of the subject and hence, it is very important for the candidates to have clear concepts.

You should take one chapter at a time and learn them from a very basic level. You can practice various books and take up regular mock tests for better preparation.

Tip 2: Check your speed.

Preparing for your board examination is very different from NDA preparation and hence this has to be added in the list of preparation tips for NDA.

During your board examinations, you can afford the time to think and work step by step to solve a sum but for a competitive examination like NDA, you cannot do the same.

It is better to invest time in learning to do calculations mentally. In the exam, the candidate will require to solve 120 questions in 150 minutes, and hence, you can’t afford to spend more than a minute in each sum. Thus, it is better to learn techniques to do mental calculations.

Practising different questions and taking mock tests regularly can help the candidates to improve their speed.

Tip 3: Plan your studies properly.

It is very important to have a proper and structured study plan.

The candidates should know that they will be facing only MCQ questions in the examination and hence, they should leave topics that are not fit to be given as MCQ.

The candidates need to focus on smart work rather than hard work to crack the NDA 2020 Examination.

It is also important to make use of the options in solving problems wherever possible.

This will not only help the candidate save time but this will also help him increase his accuracy of answers. This is one of the most important NDA preparation tips for Mathematics.

Tip 4: Make NCERT Mathematics book your bible!

The questions and the syllabus are generally taken from the NCERT books.

The difficulty level of the questions, as well as the language or form in which the question is given, might vary but the basic concepts remain the same.

The candidate should practice lots and lots of sums to master the concepts.

Practising would not only increase his speed but also make the concepts set in his mind, which is very important to clear the NDA examination.

Tip 5: Practice mock test papers for better preparation.

The candidates are advised to take mock tests on a regular basis for a lot of reasons.

The regular practice would increase their speed, they would be familiar with the type of questions that are asked in NDA examinations.

You would be able to judge themselves and know their problem areas, and this will also help remove the fear of appearing in the exam.

You would turn out to be more confident for the exam.

Taking mock tests regularly is very important to improve the candidate’s preparation.

Tip 6: Improve yourself.

Another very important preparation tips for NDA is the constant urge of the candidate to improve himself.

The key motive of taking regular mock tests is making yourself better and performing better in the next mock test.

The candidates should understand what is making them fall behind and how they can perform better.

You would know the types of questions that might come and work hard on the same.

Also, you will be getting an overall idea of their preparation and can work accordingly.

Tip 7: Note down key formulas.

The candidates would be coming across several formulas throughout their year of preparation.

It is advised to the candidates that they prepare a diary where they note down all the important formulas and short-cut tricks they are learning to improve their speed.

This will help them to revise the formulas and look for them whenever required without much hassle.

The candidates can also make a point to go through the diary of important formulas every night before going to sleep so that the formulas are embedded in their minds well.

Tip 8: Learn short-cut tricks to solve problems.

The NDA exam is all about managing time while maintaining accuracy.

The candidate should learn short-cut tricks and easy ways of doing calculations to save time.

This might involve some formulas or easy mental calculation that can save a lot of time for the candidate.

Here, one has to perform with accuracy keeping the time constraint in mind. Thus, it is better to learn some tricks that would help the students to speed up their calculations and perform better.

Tip 9: Prepare from good books.

There are several books of Mathematics for NDA available in the market. However, if the candidates practice the NCERT book and syllabus well and take up mock tests regularly, this will suffice but other than this they can get hold of some good books to ace their preparation.


We hope this article for NDA preparation tips for Mathematics was helpful to you and you will be following the tips to score better in the examination. You need to keep in mind improving speed and accuracy are the key preparation tips for NDA. Keep these preparation tips for NDA in mind while preparing for the examination and increase your chances of clearing the same.

Best of luck!


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