Jul 11, 2016

How To Apply For Driving License Online Through Aadhar Card Steps

How To Apply For Driving License

Classically licenses, driving were issued than in the old book formats several pages of information.
Often with regular use in the brochure pages used to separate and had blocked again. To improve things, were modern driving license issued in the form of a card, we have been able to withstand without problems. Now, replace the smart card driving slowly the traditional type of license card.

A Smart Card Driving License (SCDL) is a tamper-proof Driving License in form of a plastic card with a microprocessor chip integrated from the license 64 kb memory, who all information on the holder DL stored there.

This smart card DL is far superior to that of normal driving as it keeps the information from the licensee on a single card. All biometric data of the applicant as their blood type, and thumb print, retina scan, body markings, etc. are stored on the smart card DL and also by the RTO / RTA office is maintained.

Eligibility for Smart Card Driving License

·         The candidates minimum age limit should be 18 years to apply for a Smart Card Driving License for motorcycles with gear & for motorcycles with an engine capacity exceeding 50 CC.

·         For motorcycles with gear and for motorcycles with an engine capacity of up to 50 CC, the candidate must be at least 16 years old to get a Smart Card Driving License. In case the applicant is aged less than 18 years, he must also obtain a letter of consent from parent or guardian.

Smart Card DL Fees

·         Grant of Learner’s License for each class of vehicle (on paper): Rs 30.00

·         Permanent Driving License on Smart Card: Rs 200.00

·         International Driving Permit  (on paper): Rs 500.00

·         Renewal of Driving License on Smart Card: Rs 250.00

·         Driving test for each class of vehicle: Rs 50.00

·         Endorsement of new class of vehicle on Smart Card DL: Rs 200.00

·         Renewal of DL on Smart Card after expiry of grace period: Rs 200.00 + penalty @ Rs 50 per year or part thereof

Document Required:

·         Completely filled application form for Smart Card Driving License.

·         Medical Certificate - Form 1 A and 1 which is to be signed by a certified Government doctor (if applicable).
·         Application Fees

·         Copies of passport size photographs

·         Age Proof - any one document from the below given list:

-          10th Class mark sheet
-          PAN Card
-          Transfer certificate from any school (with date of birth printed on it)
-          Birth Certificate
-          Passport

·         Address Proof - any one of the below given documents

-          Aadhaar Card
-          Passport
-          Ration Card
-          House Agreement
-          Recent utility bills (gas bill / electricity bill or telephone bill)

·         In case you reside in other city, you can submit a copy of recent utility bill plus the rental agreement as address proof. Alternatively, you can also get a letter from your employer stating that you reside in this city.

Online Process for getting a Smart Card Driving License

·         Visit the transport department’s website for your state from where the online application form for Smart Card Driving License.
·         Click on download form
·         Fill it with complete information
·         Attach all the document which needed
·         Pay the fee
·         You must visit the RTO in your area to apply for the Smart Card driving licence. You can also book an appointment online with the concerned RTO in your city/locality to get your smart card driving licence.
·         Once at the RTO office, you must first get your documents checked / verified by the concerned officer and then proceed to pay the fee at the counter. following this, you will be required to give your bio-metrics at the counter where your photograph, fingerprints, and other personal details will be recorded for the database. With the help of recent changes in the process, you can also verify the information being fed into the database for factual correctness. Applicants will be allowed to cross check the information which they have provided and can point out in case of any errors.
·         You must then take a driving test and successfully complete the test to get a Smart Card Driving License. The SCDL will be sent to the registered address via speed post.

Offline Process for getting a Smart Card Driving License

·         Visit the RTO in your state,

·         Fill an application form, Pay the fee and record your biometric details.

·         If you hold only a Learner’s License and if you are applying for a permanent Driving License, you must get the application form for Smart Card Driving License and fill it completely.

·         Attach photographs wherever necessary and also attach the supporting documents like address proof and age proof. Submit the application form and choose a slot to take your Driving test.

·         Be present at the venue on the date and time that you have selected to take your Driving License test. If you pass the test successfully, you biometric details like fingerprints, signature and photograph will be taken to be recorded in the Smart Card Driving License.

·         The Smart Card Driving License will be sent to the registered address via speed post.

Note: for more information candidates may click on Official Website.


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