Mar 20, 2017

JEE Main Topper 2017 Interview, Strategy Study Planning

JEE Main Topper Interview

Here the team of www.sarkarinaukricareer.in is providing JEE Main Topper 2017 Interview, Strategy Study Planning. Rajas Bansal, who has bagged AIR 3 in JEE Main 2016, believes that his focus on clearing concepts is the key to his success, Accomplishment of an action within a particular period of time or within a specified parameter. Success can also mean carrying out an objective or reaching a goal.

Rajas Bansal, did not believe in studying 10-12 hours at a draw out and instead invested 5-6 hours daily for JEE preparation. In this interview with www.sarkarinaukricareer.in the topper from Delhi, advises future candidate to elegantly choose the topics they want to focus on and perfect their knowledge in these topics through constant revision.

Rajas Bansal JEE Main Topper 2017 Interview

SNC : Congratulations on your success. How are you celebrating?

Rajas Bansal: Thank you so much for your warm wishes. My relatives and friends have been coming over to pass on good wishes to me. We have planned a family dinner. It feels really good to have so many people be pleased about your hard work. I feel blessed at the moment.

SNC : Tell us something about yourself.

Rajas Bansal: I am a cool loving guy who loves to watch movies, play games and spend time with my friends. I don’t consider in making many friends, but only a few who are really close to me.  I am from Delhi and I have completed my schooling from Sanskriti School, Delhi. Frankly, I never thought that I would secure the 3rd rank, as I was hoping to be in the top 50. This came as a big surprise. It feels really grand that my hard work has finally paid off.

I had also appeared for JEE Advanced where I secured 124th rank and 98.8% in my CBSE boards. while my JEE Mains scores are concerned, I scored 304.

SNC : Tell us about your family. How have they supported you throughout your preparation?

Rajas Bansal: My father, Sanjay Bansal works in the Indian Revenue Service, whereas my mother, Sonal Bansal is a home maker. They are one of the major reasons behind my success in JEE. My parents have shown enormous support during my preparation period. My dad would regularly take me to the coaching centre and my mother offered me a lot of emotional support.

 SNC : Can you tell us about your preparation methods? How did you manage your time?

Rajas Bansal: Frankly speaking, I really didn’t have a specific strategy. I relied mainly on the books that were provided by my coaching institutes. Fascinatingly, I just prepared from two books from the coaching institute and apart from that I actually did not refer to any other books. Aas well, I did not believe in studying for 10-12 hours at a stretch.  In its place I invested 5-6 hours during the early days of my preparation and later extended to 10 hours in a day with regular intervals.

 SNC : Do you think coaching is necessary to crack JEE Main?

Rajas Bansal: For me coaching did marvelous job, as it was only coaching study materials that helped me secure AIR 3. I do not believe in studying from 5-6 books at a time, instead I believe in having crystal clear idea. I think that was the key to my success.  Coaching is a individual choice, whether one wants to go for it or not, for JEE Main you need to really have hold on essential concepts.  If you are clear with your concepts then you need not worry.

SNC : Was pursuing engineering a personal choice or your parents’ decision?

Rajas Bansal: It was entirely my decision, as I was interested in engineering from the very start. My parents never forced me. In fact, they have always given me the self-determination to follow my dreams.

SNC : Do you have any institute in mind?

Rajas Bansal: I have always wanted to join IIT Delhi. I am concerned in pursuing Computer Science.

SNC : During your tiring schedule, did you find moment to connect with your friends and were you active on any social media platform?

Rajas Bansal: Yes, I did, I went out to see my friends for some time during my preparation period. I was active on Facebook, but did not post whatever thing! I would just scroll down and check a few posts.

SNC : What do you do when you are not studying?

Rajas Bansal: My favourite sport is football, so at whatever time I am free I play football or some computer games.

SNC : Any word of advice for future aspirants?

Rajas Bansal: First, I would like to tell all candidates to not only plan for a good rank but struggle to achieve the best. The best was to do this is by getting your perception right. One should not get strained while preparing for the exam. If somebody wants to focus on only selected topics, they should make sure that they perform and revise those topics well. Revision is essential. It helps in clearing concepts. Understand the concepts. The concepts should be so clear that you can answer them no matter how twisted the question is.

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