Oct 26, 2017

How To Learn Faster & Remember More – Expert Recommendations

How To Learn Faster & Remember More – Expert Recommendations
Today’s era is the fastest. Life is changing every second. This rapidness of time has given students a challenging life. And its certain that the challenging life will produce new challenges before the students every moment.

It’s only the time who has been witness of changing teaching & studying strategies or methodologies. The strategies of learning have been changing every second of time. Students are facing a challenging life now days. They are trying to discover new effective & efficient techniques of learning, so that they can be able to reduce all the pressure, which is somehow teasing their minds.

The burden or the pressure that is affecting the student’s life is responsible for giving them depression. Which is leading them to memory loss. The challenging life of students as well as professionals is giving them depression.

This depression is making them slow and steady. As we have discussed enough that time is faster but the speed of learning of the students and the professionals is not of that much pace. They seem to be inactive. Life is not the story of “Rabbit & Tortoise”, that we have been hearing since childhood time with moral “Slow & Steady wins the race”.

Time has changed, it’s not the time to walk, it’s to run fastest not even faster, and then the moral “Slow & Steady wins the race” looks only a mock. Only if you are running fastest with the pace of changing time, then you are the winner otherwise you are a looser.

If you are a student or a professional and living a challenging life, willing to learn idea of effective & efficient learning, then this article is about you.                                                                                                         
Students as well professionals are not able to learn things in a faster, memorable or say in a better way and this causes them not doing well in their respective fields.

After the so far discussion till now, the very important question comes to the mind that what should we do to learn things in efficient & effective way, so that we can do well in our lives and can lead a successful gain in our respective fields.

As the theme of the article is “how to learn faster & remember more”, we are here to tell you forth ahead in this article some of the effective & efficient strategies or say techniques those shall indeed make you quick & memorably sharp learner.

After implementing these techniques in your life you will be able to learn and remember things faster. And surely be able to beat anyone to gain success in your respective field.

Some of the effective & efficient techniques of fast learning and remembering more on expert recommendations are;

1.      Take healthy diet always
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, this statement is so true and well understood. Always doctor says “an apple a day keeps doctor away”, “green vegetables mean the iron” etc. All this certainly needs to say that if you want to keep body fit & mind fittest, the very first requisite is healthy food.

A healthy and complete diet is needy to gain healthy body & a sharp brain as well. Complete diet includes all the vitamins, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, minerals etc. like nutritive elements in your food. Nutritive elements are the need of your body.

If you are getting all the nutritive elements properly on time, you shall not be ill also you shall get a fit body and a fittest mind, which must be the need at level one to get sharp & fast brain.

2.      Proper & Sufficient time to Sleep
A proper sleep gives you freshness, and this freshness gives you so much satisfaction mentally. Doctor prescribes sufficient sleep for everyone mostly to those, who are suffering from depressions & memory losses.

A sufficient time of sleep energises you every time. As the doctor says, 6-8 hours of sleep is sufficient for a normal person. This much sleep shall give you a mental satisfaction as well refreshes you, so that your mind can work faster as well effective.

This should also be understood here that the timing of the sleep must be synchronised, like if you use to sleep in slots, it’s not worthy. But if you sleep consistently for 6-8 hours at the right time say in night, it worth. This should understand in the lead of same that the sleeping capacity differs body wise like for some 6 hours of sleep is sufficient but for some else it doesn’t work. For some special say sleep addicted people more than 10 hours of sleep noticed to be sufficient through various studies.

One more thing you must notice, if we are talking about sleep that great people have said “early to bed, early to rise”. It means if you go to sleep early to bed in night time as well gets up early in morning time, its more effective & efficient for you in comparison to any else sleeping timings.  

3.      Drink enough water
Our body consists 75-80% of the water. Whether we believe or not but its certain truth that if we drink plenty of water daily, our mind gets focused well enough.

Doctors and brain specialists use to say that the people who use to drink plenty of water every day, their concentration power is more than the concentration power of those whose don’t drink enough water as much their body requires. Various research studies have proved that sufficient amount of water to human body is daily not only keeps mentally alert or concentrated but also keeps you away from various skin related problems. It is said by experts that daily 12 glass of water must be drunken by human body to be mentally & physically fit.

4.      Revise more, more & more
The key to learn something permanently & faster is to revise more, more & more. If you revise more it revolves or say keep flowing in your brain many times, this keeps you updated to whatever you are revising. And you will notice that in only few days you are fluent in what you have been revising since few days.

Ok, do an experiment, keep a list of some formulas that you ever tried to learn but you couldn’t anyhow. Now paste them near the place, where you daily use to be like your study or living room. Now daily take out enough time to revise once these formulas; slowly, slowly you shall notice that you have remembered all the formulas completely. And if you shall be keeping revision of these formulas daily, its promise that till death you shall never forget them.

So get this in brain permanently pasted that revision, revision & revision is the only source of learning thing faster and in an effective way.

5.      Do physical exercise as well mental exercises
Always get in this mind that practice has no alternatives in all aspects of the life. If you keep doing practice of something, it becomes your habit.

Physical and mental exercise makes you physically and mentally strong. Physical & mental exercise makes you feel confident always, this is only because you become habitual of the practices.
Do daily yoga, pranayama, running, gym etc. for doing physical exercise.

Do daily solve puzzles, quizzes, aptitude & reasoning problems as your mental exercises.
If you shall follow all the tips of the current article, you shall indeed be an efficient, effective & fast learner.       



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