Nov 15, 2017

How to Get More Work Done in Less Time - Pro Tips for Productivity

How to Get More Work Done in Less Time - Pro Tips for Productivity
Everyone wants work to do in less time with accuracy. In hurry! Completing the work some people makes mistakes and some complete but they did not obtain the right productivity. What is productivity? , productivity is a ratio of input and work done by the worker per day. Productivity is an output per unit of input, of any production where some goods are used in making the product. 

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Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production. So while doing any work we should work according to the outcome of that works will maintain the accuracy as well as a proper flow of productivity. The key thing is to have the dedication to do any kind work. If you don’t have interest in doing particular work the accuracy of output may not be obtained.  

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Work Done in Lesser time-: There are some keys that should keep in the mind for work more in lesser time as discussed below-:

                    I.        Dedication-:  For doing any work we need dedication and interest level should be high. If we perform any work with full dedication and hard work we defiantly achieve success in the end with accuracy in lesser time. Dedication towards work makes brain full of energy as well as full of concentration that any complex work which is given completed in lesser time and productivity will maintain the desired output.
           II.      Create Deadlines-:  Limit yourself to a timeline and work accordingly. This makes you more focused and efficiency of work will become good. It also helps to avoid the distraction from your work. It also helps in working in the faster mode as you have to complete the work on time which set by you. Speed also increases with fewer errors. If speed increases you can work more in less time.
                III.   Avoid Electronic Gadgets-: Turn off notification of electronic gadgets and phone. Because ringtone of notifications may distract you and delay will occur in the completion of work. During work hours, turn off your notifications, and instead, build in time to check email and messages. They also spoil the concentration of doing work. Avoid music also at the time of working because music let you think beyond the topic or projects. 

           IV.         Speed-: If you have set the deadline for doing work, then you should maintain the speed in order to complete work within the time limit. The speed of work should be maintained so that u may get time to recheck the work which is done by you. Don’t show interest in what going around you, just concentrate on your work and try to avoid the unnecessary work in between the required work.

         V.        Avoid Multitasking-: Multitasking is not made for Human Brain. So just avoid parallel works. It requires high concentration to do any works. It has found that attempting to do several tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity.  Instead of multitasking, make a habit of committing to a single work before moving on to your next project or work. It will maintain the accuracy of output as well as productivity will increase.

          VI.         Analyze your work-: Before starting any work we should analyze or estimate your work so that we come to you how much actual input required. It is found that only 17 percent of people are able to estimate the work accurately with the passage of time. By analyzing the work you can easily make the deadline for your project. A tool like Rescue Time can help you by letting you know exactly how much time you spend on daily tasks, including social media, email, word processing, and apps. 

         VII.          Regular Breaks-:  It sounds odd, but taking intervals between the completion works and starting new work can actually help to improve more concentration and more focused on work.  It fulfills the brain with energy and confidence for doing any project. Taking short breaks during long tasks helps you to maintain a constant level of performance; while working on a task without breaks leads to a steady decline in performance. The break should not very long and not be too short. It should balanced time snap.
     VIII.      Divide the work-: If you are working with the team then divide them equally and distributes among them. Work will complete on time and accuracy will maintain. Productivity also increases if follow this path. If you working alone, make segments of works and try to solve every segment one by one. This will save time and completes in lesser time. Dividing the work reduces stress from the brain and keeps motivated to do work. It may reduce unnecessarily work which consumes a lot of time in completing the task.

         IX.            Selection of work-: Select first those project or work which are complex in nature. This is the golden rule for time management. Complex work may take much time but try to start with the difficult work. You can divide the complex work into various segments. The problem may solve within the time limit. After completing, then choose less complex than previous one in this way, at last, do the easiest work.  The flow of productivity will maintain as well as the speed of doing work is also increasing.

            X.            Do work smarter, not hard-:  Instead of being robotic in how we approach the tasks, we should try to be thoughtful and always ask yourself if something can be done more efficiently or eliminated altogether. Try to invent new to way to do work and bring innovative ideas so that lee time may consume. Work can be done smarter by arranging your work in a proper way, presentation of projects should be good and all content should be easily visible.

These are keys that we should keep in the mind for doing work more in lesser time and maintain the productivity. These are responsible to complete the work in time as well as the accuracy also maintained. We hope that all these information are helpful to you and try to apply for good productivity and outputs.


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