Nov 8, 2017

How to Read a Book in Fast Mode - Complete Any Book in 1 Day

How to Read a Book in Fast Mode
Books are the main source of knowledge and information. When we read books, we learn new thoughts, new information, facts, etc. Books help to sharp our brain and help to bring on the right path. Books reduce stress and generate positivity in our body and keep us fresh. Books are the best medium of entertainment.

Then it never let you bore and try to remove all negativity from our mind and motivates you. Books improve imagination power of mind which is being limited. It also enhances our mind memory so that we can hold information and facts for long period of time.

Lots of reading books make you confident, positive thinker and make vocabulary strong. We should maintain our speed while reading the book because if any variations occur, it will take more time than the required time. Improve your eye-spam so that words can be easily identified. Books have its benefits those who read, they get. We can read a book in fast mode by the following step should keep in mind -:

•    Environment-:
I.    Select the suitable environment for reading. It should not be a noisy place.
II.    Make a choice of the book which you want to read and take a right posture to read.
III.    The place should contain well seating arrangement and study environment.
IV.    The place should not be overcrowded.
V.    The environment may help to increase the speed of reading.
VI.    An environment plays a vital role for increasing skill of reading.

•    Concentration-:
I.    Just concentrate on your reading.
II.    Do not pay any attention what going around you.
III.    Make sure your mind is not diverting to another topic which apart from the book.
IV.    Your mind should be responsive enough to catch the concepts of the topic which is discussed in the book.
V.    Our eye should focus on the book so that we do not miss any word or sentences. Use your finger to while reading, it also maintains the concentration.
VI.    While reading, avoid eating and drinking. It may distract your mind.

•    Speed-:      
I.    Maintain your speed of reading. It should not vary from slow to high vice versa.
II.    Increase your eye-spam to read the word more quickly and correct.
III.    Avoid extra and unnecessarily words.
IV.    Train yourself to read faster as you can but maintain the flow of reading.
V.    Pronunciation of words should be accurate.
VI.    Fast reading increases self-confidence.

•    Break-:
I.    Take a short and efficient break.
II.    Do some physical work which makes you energetic.
III.    Move around, get snacks or drink coffee or a tea that makes mentally relax.
IV.    The break should not be very long and not be too short. It should balance time snap.
V.    In the break, recalls all the difficult words that you read in a book and find out their meaning.

•    Pronunciation-:
I.    Pronunciation for words should be correct. This practice makes fluency in reading.
II.     Meaning will make clear to understand if our pronunciation of words is right.
III.    Speak all the words clearly, so that meaning of the phrase understands easily.
IV.    Eye-spam responsive enough to catch the upcoming words.
V.    To improve the pronunciation we need to learn to listen.
VI.    Notice how your mouth and lips move in you speak the word.
VII.    To improve your pronunciation should voice while reading.

•    Music-:
I.    Listen soft music may help you maintain the concentration and keeps our mind relax.
II.    Classical music is an ideal for helps you focus while you read.
III.    Do not listen to music at high volume.
IV.    Music makes focus on particular work.
V.    Music makes energetic and brain responsive time became quicker.

•    Avoid Electronic Gadgets-:
I.    Electronic gadgets should be avoided because they reduce our concentration during reading.
II.    Electronic gadgets or phones should be at silent profile so that one can concentrate on reading and no breakage may occur.
III.    At the time of reading no internet requires but we can use an offline dictionary for difficult word for meaning.
IV.    Electronic gadgets may affect the speed of reading.   
V.    Keep away all electronic gadgets and phones so that their notification does not disturb you.

•    Focus-:
I.    Be engaged with what you are reading. If trouble comes while reading, make an outline on that word and find in the dictionary.
II.    Reading laud or whispering can help you make more focus on your reading.
III.    We can use our fingers to reading the text that guides you what word did you miss.
IV.    Divide the passage into time intervals so that mind does not get bored.
V.    While reading, create a specific goal in mind and read in proper posture. 

•    Do not Highlight-:
I.    While highlighting the words distract the reading progress. It is just time waste it does not give any valuable output.
II.    Highlighting works for drawing attention to the certain area actually it spoils the concentration and focuses while reading.
III.    If difficult words occur, just simply write it down and search meaning from the dictionary.
IV.    It creates bad representation of book and decrease the speed of reading.

•    Practices-:
I.    More practice makes reading fluency, confident, correct pronunciation and stable focus.
II.    Reading practices increases eye-spam. That makes recognition of words quick and makes vocabulary strong.
III.    Practicing of reading makes mind set to read any book at any speed. Fast reading may obtains while practicing of reading.
IV.    Selection of environment may easily done for reading. 

•    Eye-spam-:
I.    Eyes should be on book while reading passage. Eye plays important role in reading fast.
II.    Try to catch word in the mind before speak. It will help in maintain the speed of reading.
III.    It helps in maintaining concentration as well as focus on reading.
IV.    Eye should moves according to finger on book. It became easy to identify the words with less time.

Above steps are given to improve the speed and read in fluency. We hope that all information is useful for you in reading in faster mode with correct pronunciation and makes your concentration and focus better. 


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