Jul 7, 2018

IBPS PO vs IBPS RRB PO By (Salary | Facilities | Work Nature)

Banking Jobs is one of the most esteem jobs in India. Many candidates desire to carve out their career in bank jobs….Here we are you details about IBPS PO vs IBPS RRB PO by Salary | Facilities | Work Nature. Please have a look and compare Institute of banking personnel selection PO and Institute of banking personnel selection regional rural bank PO.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is a self-governing organization in India. It is the body which conducts exams for the recruitment of talented and hardworking candidates in the banking sector. It generally acts as a conducting body. IBPS Exams is conducted through CWE that is Common Written Exam.

IBPS RRB stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Regional Rural Bank. IBPS RRB release plenty of posts every year to be filled through www.ibps.in IBPS RRB exams such as officer Scale-I, Scale-II, and Scale-III. Recruitment of other specialist officers like I.T. officer, CA, Law officer, AO, and marketing officer is also done through IBPS RRB Online registration.

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Institute of Banking Personnel Selection PO Vs Institute of Banking Personnel Selection RRB PO
Posting Locations in RRB PO
  • Place of posting: In RRB ,posting of candidates after selection is done in rural areas.
  • Reason behind the existence of RRB is the growth of rural and backward areas, and also providing banking facility to the rural population.
  • Scope of IBPS RRB is limited to agriculture finance, small sector loans, handicrafts and other small sector loans.

Posting Locations in IBPS PO
  • Applicants would get posting in all India posting at any of the bank branches according to preference.
  • Commercial banks are wide and it not only provides agriculture finance but also housing loan, car finance, letter of credit, credit to big companies and for many activities.

Eligibility criteria difference
  • Recruitment for both the post would be done through common written exam.
  • Difference is that the IBPS PO gets organized in 3 phases and RRB PO be conducted in 2 phases.

Difference in Preliminary & Mains Exam of IBPS PO and IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I
Exam Pattern Difference:
  • Both the exams would be conducted in online mode
  • Exam is split up into phases.
  • Difference lies in the language proficiency.
  • Applicants’ applying for RRB PO is required to have proficiency in Hindi for which the weight would be considered in the exam and RRB PO is Officer Scale 1 post.

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IBPS RRB Officer Exam Pattern:
  • Exam  is split up into two phases that are preliminary and mains examination.
  • Candidate needs to clear both the phases
  • Selection would take place considering the merit list prepared by considering the marks of mains examination and the interview round.

IBPS PO Exam Pattern:
  • Exam is split up into three phases that is the preliminary examination, mains examination, and interview round.
  • Applicants needs to clear all the three rounds
  • Applicants should score well in order to get the position according to preference.
  • Applicants applying for IBPS PO would not be having any such language proficiency concern for Hindi.
  • It would be an objective type test.

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Salary Structure difference:
Salary would remain same. Difference lies in the grade pay and the perks and allowances provided would make a difference.

IBPS PO basic Salary is Rs. 23700/- which amounts to a gross salary of Rs. 38703/- including HRA.

IBPS RRB Officer Scale I
  • IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I Basic Salary is 14500-600/7-18700-700/2-20100-800/7-25700.
  • At present, the in-hand salary varies from 29000-33000 at 100% DA.
  • Perks lease accommodation, traveling allowance, medical benefits, newspaper reimbursement etc.

Work Pressure
Work pressure as an RRB Officer Scale-I is lesser than IBPS PO.
IBPS PO IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I
·         Pros
·         Better promotion opportunities
·         Diverse work
·         Greater exposure
·         Social statusCons
·         Frequent transfers
·         Greater work pressure
·         Poor work life balance
·         Pros
·         Higher chances of home posting.
·         Few transfers
·         An opportunity to serve the lesser privileged people
·         Lower work pressureCons
·         Limited growth and promotion
·         The limited scope of work and exposure

Career Comparison
IBPS PO Vs IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I: Career Growth:
  • Career growth is more in IBPS PO than RRB PO as in nationalized banks the opportunities would be more as applicants would have exposure at big or national level.
  • But in RRB aspirants would only be limited to rural areas only and hence the candidate would only get the limited opportunity to get promoted for higher posts.

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