Mar 2, 2019

Quick Current Affairs 2 March 2021

2 March Current Affairs 2021

1.What event did the Minister of Science & Technology inaugurated in March 2021?
Ans- The Minister of Science & Technology inaugurated the 2nd edition of Global-Bio India 2021.

2.Who is the Minister of Science & Technology 2021 ?
Ans- Dr. Harsh Vardhan

3.What is the purpose of  2nd edition of Global-Bio India 2021?
Ans- The digital platform will provide recognition to India as an emerging hub of innovation and bio-manufacturing globally.

4.What is 'Desert Flag' ?
Ans- Desert Flag is a multinational exercise in which the Indian Air Force will participate in along with the US, France, and UAE.

5. How many countries will take part in Desert Flag 2021?
Ans- About 10 countries will take part in the event, having Jordan, Kuwait, Greece, and Egypt as observers.

6.What is the name of the satellite deployed by the DRDO on Feb 28, 2021?
Ans- The name of  the satellite is the Sindhu Netra Satellite.

7.What is the purpose of the Sindhu Netra Satellite?
Ans- The Sindhu Netra Satellite will strengthen the surveillance of India over both the merchant shipping and the military warships in the Indian Ocean region.

8. From which state was the Sindu Netra Satellite launched?
Ans- Andhra Pradesh

9.In March 2021, Researchers found dinosaurs fossils in which country?
Ans- Dinosaurs fossils were recently discovered in Argentina in 2021

10. What is the name of the species that the dinosaur belongs to?
उत्तर- According to researchers, the fossils represent a species of dinosaur group known as Ninjatitan zapatai. The incomplete skeletal remains belong to the Patagonian wilderness of Argentina, which is the oldest known member of the dinosaur group known as Titanosaurs.

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