Jul 4, 2016

How To Apply For Passport Online In India | Registration Process, Documents Required

How To Apply For Passport Online In India

Every Indian citizen should have an Indian passport, as the greatest proof of citizenship.
The offline process to request passport is really take so much time. Thus, over time, the State Department launched the online procedure for passport applicants. Nowadays, most people follow the online procedure for the Indian for a passport.

You must maintain no funds for this purpose. This is a simple procedure which you can follow by yourself and would just Cost you Rs.1500 whereas agents could charge you anywhere between Rs.6000-Rs.10000 or even more.

A passport is one of the most important forms to identify a person can possess. These days, the number of students travelling abroad for study tours has increased exponentially, thus arranged, the first document is a passport.

It is important to have a passport if you plan to travel in different countries, so you will be able to prove who you are and where you are. Given that travel security measures have increased, it is almost impossible to travel without passport. Currently, a passport is the only form of national identification. Available in the US In addition, happening in India is valid for 10 years, so you have plenty of time to explore and use to plan at this time.

Passport Application Online

Step 1 – Creating Account / Login ID/Registration

·         Visit the passport seva website.

·         Follow the left side corner and click on New User, Register now? (red colored).

·         Fill up the form for registration with login id and password details.

·         Select the passport office in the city you are staying now or the nearest one.

·         Complete filling up the form and click on register.

·         This will create your login id at the passport seva website.

Step 2 – Fill this User Registration Form

·         Return to the passport seva website after creating your login id.

·         Click on the existing user / login button (green colored).

·         Key in your login id and click Continue.

·         Follow the option of Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport.

·         At the next page select option of Normal or Proceed further with Next button.

·         You can download the form and upload it after filling it. Or just start filling up the form online to save your time.

·         Fill in your personal details exactly as mentioned and spelt in your other documents.

·         Click on Submit button at bottom once you complete filling up the form.

·         After submitting your application you will be redirect to the page as in step no. 4.

·         You will be able to see your submitted/saved applications here by clicking on View

Step 3 – For booking an Appointment at your Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Regional Passport Office (RPO)

·         You need to select your ARN Number in Applicant Home Page.

·         Just below your details click on the link to Book an Appointment.

·         You will get the availability of dates and respective PSK and/or RPO.

·         You may finalize the date of appointment according to your convenience.

Step 4 – Pay the Passport Fee

·         Online Payment has been made mandatory for booking appointments at all Passport Seva Kendras/Passport Offices.

·         A fee of Rs.1500 will be charged for Booking the Appointment.

·         Online Payment can be made using any one of the following modes:

·         Credit/Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa)

·         Internet Banking (State Bank of India (SBI) and Associate Banks Only)

·         SBI Bank Challan

Passport Appointment:

When you reach the Regional Office of passports or passport Seva Kendra Due Date and Time

·         Your original documents are reviewed, and you will be asked for documents Photostat.

·         After reviewing your documents, you will be asked to give your biometric information such as fingerprints and thumbprints of both hands. Your photo will be clicked for online registrations. In this step also, to show that you have asked your original documents.

·         Once both have completed the steps above, you will be given a receipt for final confirmation that you keep secure.

Police Verification

·         2-3 weeks after your Appointment Date, you will be the beginning of the police verification application for your passport application dossier to the police station / Thana you specified hinted during filling application form.

·         If you have not received any indication, you can track the status of your Passport Application by entering your File Number and Date of Birth.

LIU (Local Intelligence Unit) Verification

Finally, you will under LIU Verification, in which you will be asked basic questions about your family, your profession, your permanent address, Father / Husband Name and occupation, etc.

Once you have a clear LIU Verification, your passport will be delivered within about a month to your mailing address. You will receive an e-mail and SMS when your passport has been delivered with the Speed post details.

Documents required:

1. Proof of residence (Attested photo copy):

·         Ration card
·         Voters' identity card
·         Utility bills - water tax bill or telephone bill or electricity bill
·         Running bank account or income tax assessment order of last three years
·         Appointment letter of reputed companies on letterhead
·         Certificate from Tehsildar or Gram Panchayat/ Sarpanch as proof of residence in a village

2. Proof of date of birth and educational qualifications - any one of the following (Attested photo copy):

·         Birth certificate
·         School certificate
·         In case of illiterate/ semi-literate persons a sworn affidavit is to be attested by a Magistrate, Tehsildar or Sarpanch as per specimen given in the form.

3. Six photographs (black & white or color)

·         Furnish 7 identical photographs (black & white or color) , Size 35mm x 35 mm
·         Frontal view of full face against a light background; photos taken with colored or dark glasses and in uniform are not acceptable
·         4 photographs pasted on the form and signed across partly on the photo and partly on the form and 2 photographs unsigned to be pasted on page 5 of the application form and one unsigned photograph on the Passport Application Registration Form

Note: For more information candidates may go through the official website


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