Oct 26, 2017

How To Do Online Shopping On Amazon, Flipkart, EBay On Lowest Prices

How To Do Online Shopping 
Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal etc. are called e-Commerce Companies. People all across the world use to buy their needy products or items online from these renowned e-Commerce companies.

With the time technology is pacing at a very fast rate and the lives of the people are changing day by day at the same pace. This pace is effecting the life of the people in almost every sector. These sectors may include the Information Technology, Transportation, Research, Shopping of the Good & Services, Power etc.

There may be lot of other sectors whose are effecting the life of the people at a peaceful rate but we are here to discuss only about the Shopping. Whenever we use to hear the word ‘Shopping’, the most striking scene to our mind is the Hectic & Polluted markets. The congested & populated shops and Rickshawalas & Rehdiwalas in front of these shops.

Life had been bored of all these scenes every weekend when we go to the markets. The rapid rate growing technology had been changing everything; just then engineers understood the need of changing the shopping sector.

For the Purpose the Concept of ‘e-Commerce’ introduced. E-commerce deals in Online Shopping of goods & services and online transactions of the money. The alphabet ‘e’ in e-commerce gives you the touch of World Wide Web that is internet or ‘electronic’. Internet & related information technology has changed our life effectively. Thus the lead of efforts has changed the Shopping or Trading Sector also.

The e-commerce gives the definition of Online Shopping. Online Shopping means purchasing the goods & services through internet and paying the amount favouring the item or product through the same platform. The e-commerce refers to the buying a product or item or a good through an online platform and paying for it or do transaction for this through the same platform.

All this has enormously changed the life of the people. This results, now when we heard the word ‘shopping’, the logos of the giant e-commerce companies revolve through our minds like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc.

Let’s have a short glance on some of the big online shopping brands;
v  Amazon is an e-commerce company founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994 based in Seattle, Washington USA.
v  Flipkart is an e-commerce company founded by Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal in October 2007 Headquartered in Bengaluru, India.
v  Snapdeal is an e-commerce company founded by Kunal Bahl & Rohit Bansal on February 2010 based in New Delhi, India.
v  EBay is an e-commerce company founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 based in San Jose, USA.

There are lot more other e-commerce companies which have established themselves as renowned online shopping service providers. There are huge benefits and features of the E-Commerce or Online Shopping Companies like;

v  Choices
Thousands of the choices over Lakhs of the products are available on online shopping platforms or websites. User can choose any product of any type based on his/her choice. Like if you want to buy shoe, you search for same. And after the search you have lots of brands of shoes over your window or screen.

v  Save to Cart
User can add or keep an item or product for later selection or booking based on his/her choice. This is one of the unique features. Like if you are checking for a shoe and you have lots of brands after searching for it on your screen. Now while you are scrolling down the screen you like one or more shoe types. So featuring this you can consistently keep them in your cart before finalising the one shoe type to buy.

v  Easy to Book
The procedure of booking the Products or items to buy from online shopping platforms or websites is such an easy task, which can be considered as one of the feature of the e-commerce companies. Like you want to buy a book named ‘RS Aggarwal’s Tricky Maths’. You just have to search it first in the search box by typing the same keyword as the name of the book. Then follow the steps given on the screen to buy the book if the result regarding your search is shown to you.

v  Easy Home Delivery
After you have done the booking of the book or any product that you want to buy from the online portal of the e-commerce companies. It shows you the delivery date through a message to you. The item or the product that of you did the booking is reached to you before the given delivery date. The behaviour of the delivery boys & the delivery service is also very good.

v  Multiple Payment Options
If the product or the item that you have booked is reached to you within the given delivery time, then you can make the payment for the same through various payment mode according to your ease like Paytm, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Online Banking etc.

Let us now discuss here the theme of the Article now that is How to do online shopping at lowest prizes from Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. Various ways to shop from online shopping portals at cheaper prices are;

1.       Festive Sale Offers
There are various Sales themed on Festivals which offers a ‘‘big Off’’ on various items or products. Some of the festive seasons sale names are “Flipkart’s Mahaasale Offer”, “Amazon’s Big Bachat Offer”, “Diwali Dhamaka” etc.
These festive seasons sales can be one of the best time to do shopping at chap or lower rates from the Online shopping portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

2.  Using Vouchers
Another way to purchase items or the products at lower prices from Amazon, Flipkart like e-commerce portals is through vouchers.
Like if a person consistently of shops more from these online shopping sites, the concerned e-commerce companies use to gift them vouchers with mentioned specific time limit.
If the concerned person shops via the voucher within the mentioned time period, that person gets awesome ‘OFFs’ on the product he/she purchased. One thing must be noted down here that only some lucky customers are able to get these vouchers from these prestigious e-commerce companies.

3. Using Digital Payment Mode
Another way to shop from online shopping portals is through using Digital Payment Mode. It means if you shop online from e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. & pay for the purchased item digitally using credit cards, debit cards, BHIM apps etc. then also these giant e-commerce companies give you some scored credits or may be an ‘OFF’ on the specific product.
Scored credits are the here the marks that you get to earn a voucher when have scored specifically mentioned marks as per E-Commerce Companies protocols.  


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