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Reduce Board Exam Stress (Official CBSE Guide)

Reduce Board Exam Stress
Candidates those who are going appear for the board exam, most of them generate the stress regarding the exam and them not able to concentrate on their studies in a good manner that required at this time. Here we are going to discuss some points to reduce stress and keep your mind active for the studies and get a good mark on their Board exam.

The student is advised to read this article as it contains lots of useful information, how to reduce stress and keep your mind energetic. Candidates are required to make the timetable for their studies, it plays important role in covering the syllabus in bounded time. Following are few tips to keep you from stress-free for your Board exam.

How to reduce the stress for Board Exam:

·         Study According to Time Table 
Candidates are advised to study according to their timetable. Student those are going to appear in the board exam they should make timetable and study as it is. It will reduce the syllabus and can travel the whole topic timely. Decide the priority of the subject while to be studied first or last.  By this you can give equal time to every subject and able to complete the course in the limited time.  Distribution of time is a key to success, if you able to distribute correctly then you will never face stress in your life.

·         Reduce Late Night Study
Candidates those who do late night study, generally they suffer from high stress. At this stage it does requires, you need sleep on time and make a habit of wake up early in the morning. In the morning time, our minds are fresher and ready to do anything at that time. The study in the morning time is always beneficial for you. In late night, you become tired and your eyes are pinching you for sleep. Don’t do this, have good sleep about 7-8 hours and then study.  

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·         Eat Balance Diet
The student should have to balance food at the time of Board exam. Take fiber, protein, and vitamin in food so that your brain works in faster mode and make your body fit in this duration. Don’t skip the breakfast because it makes get you in some trouble sometimes. Troubles like stomach pain, laziness and more. Students have proper breakfast including milk and egg.  In balance diet, you need have green vegetables because it protects you from a various disease at the time of the exam. 

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·         Play Active Games  
The student should have time to play activate games on their timetable. While playing games your mind is diverted from stress and study, it becomes refreshing session for the brain. You should have some hours for playing games like cricket, badminton, volleyball, chess, video game etc but in the limit. There should some bounded time for playing games.

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·         Revision
Revision of subjects is the best way to reduce stress and keeps the mind active and refreshes your preparations. Revision made you confident and it helps you in gaining good marks in board exam. It does not require as must concentration as it requires in studying the first time. Because first time you your study new thing minds take some time to memorizes or learning the concept of the topics. So, do revision at a very interval of time so that it may clear the concepts and maintain in the brain you longer period of time.

·         Don’t Skip Sleeping Hours
Students are required to sleep at least 7-8 hours because your body needs rest after the heavy mental work. Avoid late night study and more hours studies at examination period. GO to bed at right time and wake up early your body remain active and energetic as well.  In your timetable, sleeping hours should be mentioned for stress-free and tension of huge syllabus. After sleeping our mind become fresh and active and ready for more studies.
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We hope that you have got all information regarding how to reduce stress from your mind and get good marks in your Board examination. 



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