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Thursday, January 7, 2016

LIC AAO Previous Question Papers PDF Download Hindi & English

LIC AAO Previous Question Papers

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) conducts Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) exam every year. Lot of job seekers appears for this examination but few of them get success in beating and getting the position of AAO.

Candidates previous question papers are very important for the preparation as it clear our mind that what type of question have come in the exam. So applicants who are searching for LIC AAO Previous Question Papers then your search ends here, on this page we are providing the questions with their which have come in AAO Paper.

You can check it and prepare it, if you want you can download it in pdf form which is given by

LIC AAO Previous Question Papers

Q1: The mean temperature of Monday to Wednesay was 370C and of Tuesday to Thursday was 340C, if temperature on Thursday was 4/ that of Monday, then what was the temperature on Thursday?
A)     360C
B)      36.50C
C)      340C
D)     35.50C

Q2. ……………… is related to masculine in the same way woman is related to………..
A)     Capacity, Woman
B)      Disguise, Modest
C)      Brave, Mrs
D)     Man, Feminine

Q3: an employee may claim Rs 7.00 for each km when he travels by taxi and Rs 6.00 for each km if he drives his own car. If in one week he claimed Rs 595 for travelling km. how many kms did he travel by taxi?
A)     65
B)      55
C)      62
D)     70

Q4: Mohan starts from his house and walks 4 km straight. He then turns towars his  right and walks 2 kms. He turns again to his right and walks 2 kms. If he is north west now, then in which direction did he start in the beginning?
A)     South
B)      North-West
C)      North
D)     West

Q5: On a Rs 10000 payment orders, a person has choice between 3 successive discounts of 10%, 10% and 30% and 3 successive discounts of 40%, 5% and 5%. By choosing the better one he can save (in Rupees)?
A)     400
B)      200
C)      433
D)     255

Q6: A number consists of two digits. The digit at the ten’s place is two times the digit at the one’s place. The number, formed by reversing the digit is 27 less than the original number. Then the original number is?
A)     94
B)      63
C)      36
D)     49

Q7: Rana travels 10 km to the north, turns left and travels 4 km and then again turns right and covers another  km and then turns right and travels another 4 km. how far is he from the right starting point?
A)     4 km
B)      10 km
C)      15 km
D)     5 km

Q8: two trains are about to collide. They are 65 miles apart. The train coming from north is running at 55 miles per hour and the train coming from south is running at 80 miles per hour. How far they would be two minutes before the collision?
A)     4.5 miles
B)      4 miles
C)      Cannot be determined
D)     5 miles

Q9: …………is to sky as fish is to…………….
A)     Blue, swim
B)      Bird, water
C)      Open, hook
D)     Tree, colour

Q10: BYCX is related to AZDW in the same way as DWEV is related to?
A)     CEXV
B)      EWCX
C)      CXFU
D)     EVFU

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