Sep 20, 2017

w.w.w.swayameducation.gov.in Free Online Education Platform by Government of India

Swayam  Free Online Education Platform 
w.w.w.swayameducation.gov.in is the Online Education Portal governed by Government of India. Ministry of Human Resources & Development or HRD Ministry exclusively runs this web portal for welfare of Young Indian Minds who wishes to study.

The SWAYAM stands in full for “Study Web of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds”. This e-Portal provides a long learning experience by providing lots of Free Courses to its Users. This Web Portal provides online free lectures to its education aspiring Citizens of India via help of Central Government funded faculty of IIMs, IITs, NITs etc.

If you are part or student of a college/university or school or not a part of these institutions, SWAYAM provides you a same or may be much better experience like what you get through these institutions.  

Swayam gives you the Opportunity of expanding your knowledge skills through the lectures provided by top class elite faculty of India of IITs, NITs, IIMs etc. This Web Portal gives you the Opportunity of long life learning experience.

There are Hundreds of Courses available, you can choose one of them and can proceed your learning experience further. Through the Quality Lectures you’ll have here a virtual class experience. All the Courses including the Quality Lectures by elite faculty of India will be free of cost completely.

But here one point should be noted down that the in case if after course completion if you shall need Certificate then an amount of Fees must be paid to the Government of India through the Portal. This fees will be Levied in nature means free of any Government of India Tax. This certainly means that the all the courses what you shall get in College/University, same you’ll get here at SWAYAM education Portal, free of cost and moreover if You shall be needy of a certificate of the course you have completed then you shall get the same in minimum amount of fees.

In the first term of the SWAYAM, prestigious institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Guwahati, University of Delhi, Jawahar Lal University, Indira Gandhi National Open University, IIM Bangalore, Banaras Hindu University, IIM Calcutta and Faculty of some reputed foreign Universities are providing the Educational assistance to all the Students associated to SWAYAM. According to the SWAYAM’s report, At least one crore students are students are expected to be benefitted of the SWAYAM.

In the whole world, now after launch of the SWAYAM portal, India has become one country which owns its own interactive online learning Platform. Swayam has been considered as an Information Technology or IT Portal which provides high quality education facility to students from class 9th to Post Graduation, which covers almost all the disciplines.

Through the Scheme of SWAYAM or Study Web of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds, HRD Ministry proposes high quality e-content for students aspiring to study in association of almost all the colleges, free of cost completely. SWAYAM (Study Web of Active Learning) and MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) like e-study platform provides free of cost learning platform irrespective of learner’s location.

As per the ministry of India’s information SWAYAM is expected to provide three different courses – one from UC Berkeley’s Umesh Vazarani ‘s and two from IIT Bombay. SWAYAM is going to keep opened as its MOOC platform. In the same lead Indian Institute of Management Bangalore has also joined the edx platform.  

Major three courses at SWAYAM are;

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation
This Course is providing education resources at the edx platform about Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation at SWAYAM. This course is provided by UC Berkeley. This course will offer the learner basic theoretical overview to same i.e. Quantum Mechanics & Quantum Computation.
Introduction to Computer Programming

The concept of introduction to Computer Programming is provided by IIT B or Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. The Course is divided into two parts those offer the learner the Concepts of Computer Programming and concept of Computation.

The Course about the Concepts of Thermodynamics is provided in association with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay or IIT B. This Course of concepts of Thermodynamics is designed mainly for Students of Mechanical Engineering. Students throughout the course will learn the exact definitions of thermodynamics’ terms.

After the successful completion of each course via SWAYAM, “Verified certificates” will be provided for proving the same. Till the date, it is yet not clear that the certificates provided by SWAYAM after successful completion of course will help the students in getting employment or not. Incubation of all the SWAYAM Courses covers areas like engineering, education, social science, energy, management, basic sciences etc.  

The Narendra Modi Government has set to make Online Courses count while studying the College Degree. There is one more condition also that the course that student want to study must be one of the 400 plus courses those are offered by the Government of India resources backed by the MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses. This MOOC platform basis the SWAYAM platform also.

This concept of Online Education resource is a remarkable achievement by Modi’s Government. As per the forecasted stats of SWAYAM & Government of India approximate one crore Students are expected to be benefitted in next three years through this unique portal of online education. The SWAYAM Edu Portal is specially designed for students of remote areas, professional working whose are not able to attend regular classes, college dropouts.   

Beside setting up an enormous online Edu portal government of India in association with MOOC has recently decided to setup a digital library that will help the students all across the country in getting online books, research papers and various knowledge based resources. This library will help the students, working professionals, remote location people whose are not able to get a facility like regular library like the students whose are studying regularly in a college or university and are benefitting of its libraries.

Ministry of Human Resources or HRD Ministry in association of MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses has setup Online Education Portal and Digital Libraries free of Cost. So it is expected from students or people of India to get benefitted of such Initiatives. Hopefully this article will indeed help the people and Students of India to know more about SWAYAM.


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