Aug 9, 2019

General English Quiz 2019 For Bank Railway SSC Exam

General English Quiz 2019 

Here through this page, we are providing you the General English Quiz 2019 for Bank Railway SSC Exam. Those candidates who are going to appear in the upcoming competitive examination are suggested to go through the provided MCQ questions solve it. The provided questions you become familiar with the type of questions asked in the examination.

English is one of the marks scoring section; candidates have to practice well to attain good marks in it. So prepare well for this section and qualify it with golden marks. You are suggested to solve below provided General English Quiz 2019, by solving English Quiz on regular basis your speed and accuracy of solving the questions will increase. So scroll down the page and solve the provided Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s).

General English Quiz 2019
In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.
Question 1: ENORMOUS
  1. Soft
  2. Average
  3. Tiny
  4. Weak
Answer 1: c)

Question 2: RELINQUISH
  1. Abdicate
  2. Renounce
  3. Possess
  4. Deny
Answer 2: c)

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Question 3: QUIESCENT              
  2. Dormant
  3. Weak
  4. Unconcerned
Answer 3: a)

Sentence Correction:
Question 4: The small child does whatever his father was done.
  1. Has Done
  2. Did
  3. Does
  4. Had Done
  5. No Correction Required
Answer 4: c)

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Question 5: The man to who I sold my house was a cheat
  1. To Whom I Sell
  2. To Who I Sell
  3. Who Was Sold To
  4. To Whom I Sold
  5. No Correction Required
Answer 5: d)

Question 6: He is too important for tolerating any delay
  1. To Tolerate
  2. To Tolerating
  3. At Tolerating
  4. With Tolerating
  5. No Correction Required
Answer 6: a)

Idioms and Phrases:
Question 7: To keeps one's temper
  1. To become hungry
  2. To be in good mood
  3. To preserve ones energy
  4. To be aloof from
  5. None of these
Answer 7: b)

Question 8: To have an axe to grind
  1. A private end to serve
  2. To fail to arouse interest
  3. To have no result
  4. To work for both sides
  5. None of these
Answer 8: a)

Question 9: To beg the question
  1. To refer to
  2. To take for granted
  3. To raise objections
  4. To be discussed
  5. None of these
Answer 9: b)

One Word Substitutes:
In questions given below out of four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.
Question 10: Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool
  1. Imbecility
  2. Senility
  3. Dotage
  4. Superannuation
Answer 10: c)

Question 11: A person who insists on something
  1. Disciplinarian
  2. Stickler
  3. Instantaneous
  4. Boaster
Answer 11: b)

Question 12: A school boy who cuts classes frequently is a
  1. Defeatist
  2. Sycophant
  3. Truant
  4. Martinet
Answer 12: c)

Question 13:  Find the correctly spelt words.
  1. Efficient
  2. Treatmeant
  3. Beterment
  4. Employd
Answer 13: a)

Question 14: Find the correctly spelt words.
  1. Ommineous
  2. Omineous
  3. Ominous
  4. Omenous
Answer 14: c)

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Question 15: Find the correctly spelled words.
  1. Benefitted
  2. Benifited
  3. Benefited
  4. Benefeted
Answer 15: c)

PART 2: 

1. This is Babubhai. He's _____ doctor.
(A) a (B) an
(C) the (D) no article
See Answer:

2. Divyang is ____ engineer. (A) a (B) an
(C) the (D) no article
See Answer:

3.Kirtika is ..... M.A. student. (A) a (B) an
(C) the (D) no article
See Answer:

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4. Give me a glass of .... water.
A) a (B) an
(C) the (D) no article
See Answer:

5. Mount Everest is .... highest peak. A) a (B) an
(C) the (D) no article
See Answer:

6. A wife shouted ..... at him.
A) anger (B) angry
(C) angrily (D) angerful
See Answer:

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7. Mayank is a ..... boy. He doesn’t do his any work systematically.
(A) careless (B) care
(C) careful (D) carelessly
See Answer:

8. If you do your work ..... , you will be awarded.
(A) Nicely (B) Nice
(C) niceful (D) nicefully
See Answer:

9. Hetsi is talking with Nisarg as she has fallen in love with ..... .
(A) He (B) him
(C) her (D) his
See Answer:

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10. Meera is talking very slowly. We can’t listen ..... voice clearly.
(A) she's
(B) hers
(C) her
(D) herself
See Answer:

11. He had the .... experience last night.
(A) bad (B)more bad
(C) worst (D) worse
See Answer:

12. Mom, I can’t find my glasses, have you seen ..... ?
(A) they (B) there
(C) them (D) it
See Answer:

13. ..... your son like to play kabddi?
(A) Does (B) Do
(C) Is (D) Are
See Answer:

14. I ..... not teach maths.
(A) has (B) am
(C) do (D) does
See Answer:

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15. Pintu is too much upset today as he has a lot of home work and he ..... like to do home work.
(A) doesn’t (B) don't
(C) isn't (D) hasn't
See Answer:

16.Although it contains many difficult words, I ..... read this books now.
(A) Can (B) Could
(C) may (D) might
See Answer:

17.How often do you play cricket?
(A) On Tuesday. (B) For two hours.
(C) Almost every day. (D) With your brother.
See Answer:

18. WWhere should we take lunch today?
(A) Dal-Dhikla. (B) With guests.
(C) at 12:00 pm (D) In restaurant
See Answer:

19. How long did Jhanvi study last night?
(A) with her friend. (B) in her room.
(C) Maths and Science (D) for three hours.
See Answer:

20. Nensi, can you put ..... with your mother in low? a) in, b) on c) down d) up
See Answer:

21. Shall we go ..... with new project? a) in, b) on,
c) for, d) up
See Answer:

22. Do you think this is something ..... can be learned? a) Who, b) That,
c) How, d) What
See Answer:

23. Dax, don’t go out ..... you have finished your work. a) as, b) While,
c) when, d) until,
See Answer:

24. Make sure you close all the windows ..... it starts to rain. a) After, b) before,
c) if, d) For
See Answer:

25. Which among the following states have topped India Human Development Report 2011? a) Keral, b) Tamil Nadu,
c) Himachal Pradesh, d) Punjab
See Answer:

26. Mr.X ..... at the University since 1990. a) has been teaching, b) has been taught,
c) is teaching, d) was teaching
See Answer:

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